Tetris and Beasties

Liz – I broke my record today: 577,269. I am the Tetris Master. Just accept it.

Bought the new Beastie Boys album yesterday. It’s pretty good. It makes me miss high school… the Beastie Boys were the soundtrack for a lot of good times. Listening to the Beasties reminds me of kicking Liz’s ass in Tetris. Yeah, I said it!

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One response to “Tetris and Beasties

  1. RobUx4

    Hey, I bought the new Beastie Boys album and just listened to it this morning.
    It actually is the Beastie Boys. I find it a bit sad that they always do the same thing with just lyrics changed. In the other hand I found the production and variety a bit better than before. So that’s the Beastie Boys of now… Not so bad after all 🙂

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