Suddenly, I’m Not So Jealous

“True love is the best thing in the world, except for cough drops. Everybody knows that. ”
– Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

Yeah, love is great, and I miss it. But there’s also something a little magical about crushes, first kisses, and butterflies. They’re easier to believe in, anyway, and people don’t usually get cold feet about all of that. And if they do, it doesn’t matter too much.

Happy 4th to all you Americans. Don’t shoot bottle rockets at each other, please. Who the hell thought of that, anyway? Note to boys: shooting exploding things directly at your friends is not a good idea, and it never will be. Stop it.

This afternoon, I’ll barbecue with the frat boys. Hopefully, I’ll get a seat in the V.I.P. room (a.k.a. the kiddie pool) again this year. They’re getting the band back together, so that should be fun. Tonight I’ll party with all the “new” friends, and watch the K-Wood fireworks from a cemetery. Also: beer.

Right now, though? Thesis time! Yaaaaay!

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