To everyone who gave me advice about getting wisdom teeth pulled: Wow. I love you guys, I love you to death and I respect you and everything, but you all are a bunch of pussies. That took five minutes, I was awake for it, and I have had facials more painful then that. Hell, I’ve taken naps that hurt more. But then again, I only had two, and they were above the gums, so maybe I’m just lucky. I’m sorry I just called you pussies. But you guys really scared the crap out of me.

I suppose after getting a root canal on a front tooth, however, every other dental surgery in my life will be a breeze. It’ll be a while before I write a real entry about “the incident” in Ireland, which was all ex’s fault.

I just took out my gauze. Oh. My. God. Yeah, that’s disgusting…

I won’t be able to smoke for 72 hours, though. That, my friends, is pain.

In the next couple days, I’ll write about this past weekend, which (aside from Kyle leaving) was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. Right now, however, there is a bowl of chocolate pudding, a pain pill (YAAAAY), and an episode of Montel Williams calling my name….

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  1. Steev

    try being in 8th grade and getting all 4 IMPACTED wisdom teeth pulled at once…and having your alredy large head swell to monumental proportions…do that then come talk to me…pussy.

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