72 Hours of Mayhem

Oh my god, I am so hungry. And I need a cigarette…

So here’s how the 72 Hours of Mayhem started out:

Me: Can I have a Tom Collins?
Bartender: Sure! Uh… what’s in that? Whiskey and sour mix?
Me: …?

I have no idea what’s in a Tom Collins, cuz I’ve never bought an actual drink. I just know that it’s green and tasty. If someone else buys me a drink, then cool, otherwise I just stick to beer. But I’m always open to trying new things. So needless to say I had a whiskey sour, and I haven’t had whiskey in three years, so… yeah. I was trouble. That pretty much set the tone for the whole weekend. Friday night I went out to Mangia with Kyle. A lot of people that I’ve met and loved at Webster were there, including Coire and Liz – the Cutest Couple in the Universe. They’re also moving, which sucks. But at least I got to party with all of them one more time, and it was super fun.

Saturday night was even better… Ron and Jen (a.k.a. Party King and Queen USA) threw me a no-more-thesis party complete with a “Say No to Thesis” cake” (mmm… cake…). That was awesome… just warm fuzzies all around. And Uno. Good call with the Uno, Nick. Afterwards I somehow ended up hanging out with Heebner and Pat, watching Old School til 5am. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to stay up all night… well, at least with other people, and I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. Watching Old School in the process somehow seemed appropriate. Heebner and Pat are really fun.

On Sunday I hung out with Heather J. the Canadian. Other people kept stopping by, and they all brought their dogs which I thought was weird. But the more dogs, the better! So here’s something I learned about Canada: At KFC in Canada, they do not have biscuits. They don’t even have generic Canadian biscuits like “flatty cakes” or some shit like that. What’s up with that, Canada? She also told me about some grilled-cheese machine she has that can make Stove-Top Stuffing sandwiches. Did you guys hear that? Stove-Top-mother-fucking sandwiches. The new reason for living. If I was a guy I’d have a boner right now.

Seriously you guys, this is so boring… just sitting here with applesauce and no cigarettes. Sheesh. At least I’m all caught up with Passions, which surprisingly has more respectable story lines than Days right now. And I discovered that Roswell is on the Sci-Fi Network… I love that show. But even my pills are kinda boring, which sucks because they’re called Celebrex, and “Celebrex good times, come on!” could have been a really funny line. Except there’s no party going on right here.

This is a long entry. See what happens when I don’t have a thesis? Umm… I got the internship, and I just checked my grades and I got an A ON THE THESIS! Holy crap! And tonight I’m watching “Amish in the City” on UPN. Today is another good day.

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  1. Heather J

    Stove-Top Sandwiches – The ultimate Munchie food (other than White Castle)

    Make stove-top according to recipie plus 2 tablespoons of water

    After stove-top is made, add 1 egg and mix in well (make sure to have the stuffing off of the heat at this point)
put stove-top into grilled cheese sandwhich maker

    Bake until green light on grilled cheese sandwhich maker goes on

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