Ice & Fuel & Frat Boys

I went up to Ice & Fuel on Monday night.  Ice & Fuel is a bar in downtown Kirkwood, and on Mondays, it’s really cheap.  It can also be kind of a trip to go there, because it’s usually full of people I went to high school with.

That used to be a tradition with my old friends.  Every Monday night I could walk into Ice & Fuel and find three or four tables pushed together, full of people I love.  Some people came every week, and others showed up once or twice a year, but I was always happy to see everyone.  It was kind of like my Cheers, and one of the few things in life I could count on.

There are, of course, other places and people I can count on now, and I’m okay (and a little healthier) with the fact that it rarely happens anymore.  But god, it was really great to do it again.  Despite our long ridiculous history, I really miss having the frat boys here.  All I need now is a game of wiffle ball at Warren’s house and some couch time in Tony’s basement, and my summer will be complete.

And to whoever was at the jukebox (excluding the freak who played Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover”) – thank you, thank you, thank you!  Stevie Wonder, Al Green, AND pre-Thriller Michael Jackson?! Wow.  You made my night.

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