No “Get Yo Freak On” Allowed

Today Morgan gave me a safe sex pamphlet that told me to not get caught “SLIPPIN’ IN YO PIMPIN’ ” and also reminded me to “NEVER HIT IT RAW”. Wow.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that “Jimmie Hatz” is reaching out to the hip hop community. But their song about Jimmie Hatz totally cracks me up ( And “hittin’ it raw”? Has anyone said that since like 1993? And more importantly, should anyone have ever said it? Ew.

My favorite pamphlet from the company is the one about abstinence. It has “Get Yo Freak On” written in a circle with a slash through it. I love and respect hip hop, but I’m sorry, that’s hilarious.

Also today: I discovered Skittles Bubblegum! Skittles that last for hours and hours?! I think somebody at Mars Inc. has been reading my dream journal…

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One response to “No “Get Yo Freak On” Allowed

  1. Kevo

    The jimmie hatz logo is by far the
greaterst thing about their product.
Its a bulldog with a condom on its head
and around its neck.

    And if you look at the “jimmie Hatz”
there is also a condom on the T and each I is
a condom. Brilliant.

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