Guess Who Just Put His Arm Around Me?

One of the original prosecutors of the Nuremberg trials. He’s still incredibly handsome. I was a bit weirded out at first, cuz he just kind of wandered over to me as I was looking up his name in the computer and he put his arm around me, like I was his granddaughter. But then he asked me all about myself and how my day was going and he was so warm and nice. When he left, Ruth told me who he is.

For some reason, all men from the WWII era seem incredibly handsome to me. Not like, attractive or whatever, but I’m just kind of in awe of them. They all seem incredibly dignified and chivalrous… they’re a totally different breed. My grandma’s ex-boyfriend, Art, used to say “Yes, dear” to women all the time, no matter what the question was… it was hilarious watching waitresses or whatever interact with him, because he would just bust out with the “Yes, dear”, and they would completely melt.

Also: I’m about to write my last grad school paper ever. Ever.

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