Sleigh Bells

I just finished all of my Christmas shopping, which always feels so pointless to me.

I wish that I could give my Dad his vision back. I wish give my Mom the career she always wanted or at least early retirement. I wish I could bring back Jim for my Grandma, and take away my brother’s memories of war and get rid of my sister-in-law’s seizures. Instead I have to buy them all sweaters or cds or whatever. That’s not really what they want and it’s not really what will make them happy.

When my grandpa was dying a few years ago, I tried really hard to get everyone a Christmas present that would really make them laugh and smile. My grandpa wanted chocolate. He couldn’t eat anything. I asked him what else he wanted. He just wanted chocolate. So I got it for him anyway.

Ever since then, Christmas has just seemed kind of stupid.

But anyway, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and that you all get something that really makes you happy.

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