I’ve Been Knowing You Since You Were 10

If all my friends were like J, I don’t think I would be sad.

Not that my friends are anything short of amazing. They’re always there for me.

Unfortunately, they are there for me during my weakest moments, and this is it, and it is lasting a Long Time. So they are getting kind of sick of me, and I don’t blame them. J doesn’t have a phone. He just heard through the grapevine. So I can tell him everything and feel like I’m not repeating myself. And I can tell him the new stuff that I can’t tell anyone else.

J has the ability to make me forget everything else exists, aside from me and him and the swing set we are sitting on. It’s not in the Love kind of way, but in that “Remember when we would just sit and smoke cigarettes or just walk around and we had our whole lives ahead of us and it was just the greatest feeling in the world?” kind of way.

There are 5 people who make me feel like that. They all live far away. Maybe that’s why.

That new Destiny’s Child song, “Girl” came on the radio, and he sang it to me. I laughed until I cried.

He kissed me. Not in a Love kind of way.

The last two people I kissed were Very Bad Horrible People. He wanted the last kiss I had to be good.

I’m actually smiling right now.

Thank you for giving me a memory that I don’t have to question.

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