Catwalk Scratch Fever

I just found out that I get to party in a cabin this weekend.

A cabin mansion next-door to Ted Nugent. The Nuge.

Maybe I will get to see him wandering around with gun. While wearing a loincloth.

The Nuge.

It seems much more eventful than sleeping at the other end of Abbey Road. Because The Nuge is next door. Maybe he’ll hit us up to be on his show. Or at least barbecue with us. And gross me out while he guts a deer or whatever.

Me and the Nuge will be total BFFs by Saturday. You’ll see. Nuge.

The fashion show for the Foundation board went really well, although when little Dana started pumping the techno “fashion-showey music”, we all started busting up laughing. Andy threatened to strip for the board members. Morgan listed one of his hobbies as “fighting the power”. Candace wore a purple pantsuit so we called her Oprah all day. We made lots of Tyra Banks jokes. I think I pulled a muscle from laughing. I don’t know how we made it through it, really. It was so much fun. I had to stay behind afterwards because they honored me for working there for 5 years. It was kind of scary standing in front of the board without the techno. But they gave me a day off.

A day off which I will use to spy on The Nuge with The Secretary General of Cool. I’m so psyched I think I could wrestle a buffalo.

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