Turn Around and Make Up

So last night, after some excellent toad hunting with Nick and Jen, I met up with Tony and Ty at a martini bar.

It was one of those nights where you realize that everything is changing. Lots of friends of mine are getting married, having kids, or moving. It was the kind of night where everyone just wants to kick back with their drinks and the friends they’ve known for a decade and just kind of marvel about it all…

…and eventually just repeat “God, we are OLD” like 800 times because we are DRUNK.

Even though I am a sentimental nerd, I really kind of hate nights like that. It’s just really heavy and a tidal wave of memories and nostalgia and emotions, and I did what I always do in situations like this… just run home and hide under the covers. New Boys called wanting me to drink with them, and I told them I was Emotionally Spent.

4 months ago I thought I was about to have the great job and cute apartment and cool roommate and he was going to move here and everything would be amazing. Instead, I’m just here in the basement, kind of going backwards.

At least I have Tony and Ty on my videophone singing Al Green. God, I love those boys.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my pregnant girlies!!!!

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