You Mean Like The Lame Ass Cartoon?

So, it’s official. I have a new boyfriend.

His name is Ziggy and I am Crazy in Love. I would have named him Booger, but that’s just me. And normally I object to little dogs in people clothes, but a pug in a life jacket is just precious. Hee!

This weekend was again full of awesome parties. I’m falling more and more in love with my friends every day. And I might get to live with Niki, which would be super fun. I’m still debating moving into Winifred, though.

Speaking of Winifred, I knew that Katie was an amazing artist, but I hadn’t seen a lot of her work until the sale on Friday, and all I have to say is Wow. I bought a Pink Puppy painting and some clay cherries and I love them very much.

I’m going to buy a new journal today. The last 3 journals have a lot of stuff about Ex in them, so I hate them. They’re kind of like books I had to read in college that I can’t sell back. I’ve been trying to avoid getting a new journal until I’m done being sad. And I think I actually am!! I saw Ra last night for the first time in forever, and she was like, “Wow, you’re actually smiling and laughing and not crying. Way to go.” And then Ziggy started snoring and we laughed and laughed.

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