Riding In Cars With Boys

Being in a relationship is like riding in car with somebody.

I was riding around with Kevin the other day, and someone cut us off or something. He started yelling at the other car, and then he told me, “Did you even notice you never yell at other cars unless someone’s in the car with you?” And I thought about it and it’s really true.

When I’m driving and someone cuts me off or they’re driving too slow in front of me or tailgating me, I don’t really bitch about it unless some else is there. If I’m by myself, I just kind of suck it up and turn up the music and move on.

Being in a relationship is kind of like that. When I was scared or upset or nervous, or if life basically cut me off, I used to always vocalize it because he was there to listen and to tell me everything would be okay. But lately, he hasn’t been there. I’ve just been taking deep breaths, turning up the music, and moving on.

I feel bad that I had to put him through that. I wish he was around to see how I deal with things now. And even through I’m in a few “mini-relationships” right now, I plan on keeping most of those fears to myself.

It sucks that I have to pretend I’m alone, even when I’m not. It’s sad that I have to pretend no one’s there for me. But I learned my lesson the last time around, and I really think that’s why he’s not here. People shouldn’t have to listen to me yell at the other cars.

Other stuff:
I start my new job on Tuesday.
I get to hang out with Tony tonight.
I get to hang out with cute boy after that.
I’ll figure out how to get the Ziggy pictures up real soon.

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One response to “Riding In Cars With Boys

  1. Ronny Louvre

    Well, congrats on passing the test!
    Glad that “cute boy” *shudder* figured out how to use the phone… But I dunno about the philosophy that you’re kickin’ down. It’s the human condition where we share our frustrations with other people so we can get a better perspective on our lives. The love relationship is nice for that because of the confidence that the person we’re opening up to shouldn’t judge us based on our frustrations, but a good friendship should be just as strong. You don’t have to pretend that you’re alone, it’s just a matter of nurturing the right friendships into that confidant role…
    Just my $.02

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