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Pretty In Pink

I’ve had to tell a lot of friends who weren’t there about the wedding, and about what a mind eff it was in general. As I’ve said before, stuff like this tends to weird me out. So… the past few days have been kind of emotionally draining.

It wasn’t until Liz got here that I realized how much I actually have changed. She literally walked right by me at the airport… and then on the ride home she kept talking about how different I looked. I’ve known her since I was nine, so it was weird to hear it from her.

We pretty much went straight from the airport to Ice & Fuel, because the frat boys are insane and wanted to get drunk even though they had to get up at 6. Ice & Fuel is always a high school reunion of some sorts, and when I got there, a couple boys from my class that I hadn’t seen in forever gaped at me… I ran over to my other friends, but Liz said they kept staring and talking about how different I looked, too.

I don’t know how to take compliments like that… like, was I really THAT butt ugly back in the day? Thank you. I’m touched. Honest.

But it was kind of a Victorious 80’s Movie Moment, I suppose.

More importantly, I think after talking to Liz I realized how different I FELT… and just how different I AM. I even feel completely different than I did 2 months ago… thank god. We sat on my porch and had a long talk about the past and the skeletons in our closets and how they have changed us for the better. And then we hugged and cried because she’s my Pomplemousse and she was leaving in the morning.

But I will see her in at least a year cuz I’m her Maid of Honor!!!

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Kid ‘N Play Dancing

“This is just like getting ready for prom… except one of us isn’t coming back.” – Tony

“Ty, you know you’re in charge of the Dollar Dance, right?” – Some Guy
“Hey, I’ll dance for dollars!” – Ty

“I think everyone just got here…” – Me
“CLEAN-UP IN LIQUOR!!” – Schnuck’s Loudspeaker
“Um, yeah, that’s our ride.” – Liz


You know the great thing about working the 9-5? You get a full weekend. And the great thing about weekends? You get the occasional 72 Hours of Mayhem.

I have about 8 million stories which I don’t have time to post now, but you’ll all appreciate them when I do. I just really wanted to start off this week on a happy note, cuz that’s what I am. The wedding was beautiful, the Party Bus was hilarious, the reception was insane, and the hotel party was adorable.

Adam, Tony, Peter, Ty, and Warren have always been and will forever be My Boys.

I remember one day a long time ago they were all trying to light the barbecue, and Heather (who I miss dearly because she had the most fantastic compliments for everyone that you would never think of but were always totally true) pointed out how grown-up our boys were getting. “They’re almost like… men!”, one of us girls said, and then we looked at each other and laughed and laughed.

But seeing them in their tuxes at the wedding and reception, I actually felt for the very first time that they were Men and Almost All Grown Up, and I got a little teary-eyed.

Then, of course, they tied a keg to Adam’s car and everything went back to normal.

The ride home was really great. With my new friends, I talk a lot. I’m not sure why. They can’t shut me up, really. But during the ride home, I did my Favorite Thing in the World, which is to curl up in a ball, stare out the window at pretty Missouri, and just listenlistenlisten to my friends and feel Lucky and Loved and just plain Peaceful.

Liz leaves today *sob*. More about Liz later, too.

But to Liz, Adam, Warren, Peter, Tony, Ty, Sarah, and Marissa – I love you, I love you, I love you.

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