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Flying V, You Guys! Flying V!

The weather is starting to cool down, and it feels spectacular. Wednesday night Nick and I wandered aimlessly around the Botanical Gardens while Billy Peek, friend of the late great Johnnie Johnson, played a free show. It was a beautiful night and lots of people were there, sitting in the various gardens and strolling around with wine glasses. It reminded me a lot of Sienna, Italy.

And. AND! We are going to see James Brown at Laumeier Sculpture Park in 2 months. James fucking Brown rocking out underneath massive sculptures in the middle of a park… this will most likely top Chuck Berry as my favorite music moment ever (aside, of course, from when I high-fived Cher at the Harry Potter World Premiere). If the weather is nice, I may try to take my dad to see B.B. King, cuz he’s playing there, too. And the night in between, there’s a show with… the Indigo Girls? Wha?

I don’t give a shit what anyone else says, St. Louis is one of the best places in the world for music. Music that actually matters, anyway (sorry, Jersey). I mean, our hockey team is called The Blues. That’s dedication, and I won’t even mention how much cooler our team is than, say, The Mighty Ducks.

Um… let’s see… I finished Harry Potter *sob*. Oh, man. I think a part of me died when I finished that… or at the very least, it is trapped in a Horocrux and will be retrieved after I finish book seven… which won’t be for a very long time. *summoning my best Stewie voice* Damn you, J.K.!

I met the guy who lives above me… he’s an awesome hippy Vietnam vet. He told me to let him know if he gets too loud, cuz he likes to Rock Out, and he gave me a nice “right on” for the flowered nameplate I made for our mailbox. He calls me Freebird, which I guess is what I get for cleaning out my car in a Lynard Skynard T-Shirt. I got home at like 6 in the morning yesterday, and I heard laughing… I looked up and he was on his balcony like “Damn, freebird, don’t you have to work today?” He gives me shit. I like him.

I have lots of new boys in my life… I’m not quite sure how that happened or why they all showed up at once, but it’s been interesting. The majority of them are either far away or about to be far away… and according to someone I used to know, those boys don’t count. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but I do know that I’m done waiting for anyone, or believing them when they say that they’ll be back. So I guess I just have one boy in particular, and he’s really sweet and hilarious and that’s all I’m going to say…oh, except for the funnel. He has a funnel. OMG.

I do need a nickname for him that rivals Cute Boy though, cuz calling Ron’s friend “Cute Boy” made Ron want to puke, and this guy is friends with Ron, too. Maybe I’ll call him Snugglybear or something awesomely barfy like that. Grossing out Ron is fun! Yay!

This guy has a giant fish tank for a headboard. Should I be worried about this? It’s hysterically pimp.

And to my most pregnantest friend in the world: if you have not had your EIGHT BILLION POUND BABY yet, then call me. I have fun stories for you. I haven’t seen you on the news yet, so I’m guessing Peanut has not yet arrived. But if he has, then *gasp* Hello Peanut!!! I can’t wait to meet you!!!

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I Ain’t Fraid of No Ghost!

This week has kind of been a baby week. One of my friends is due any day now, and we had that last “oh my god” conversation before she becomes a mommy. Then I hung out with Rachel, who is skinny and mellow with this adorable perfectly round Buddha belly and she is just precious. And then LAST night, B and I got to meet my friend Tedpole’s kid, who is seriously the cutest kid in the entire universe and I Love Him.

I cannot WAIT to be a babysitter. I can wait to be a mom. But I am so psyched to babysit.

Partment is still way way fun and I am finally settled.

Last night, after I met the cutest kid in the entire universe (and I Love Him) I went down to the ci-tay and crashed at a haunted house. It was seriously the coolest house I’ve ever seen in my life, and I am determined to have a house that bright and fun at some point in my life. Dan scared the shit out of me with all the ghost stories, but we made it through the night intact because we are Ghostbusters and we are totally awesome.

I suppose that’s it for right now. But god, life is really fun and fantastic.

Also: This kid looks the way that I feel on the inside:

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My Two BFFs

At some point in every girl’s life, she is best friends with two girls at the same time. And it usually ends pretty badly.

What always always happens is two of the girls pair up and leave the other girl out. They start bonding and making inside jokes and hanging out without you. When you walk down the sidewalk, they walk together and you walk behind them. In fact, people seem to forget that you’re associated with them at all.

Do you guys know that feeling I’m talking about? Do you know what I mean?

That’s exactly how it feels to have big boobs. Well, that plus some back pain.

I mean, yeah, I guess they have more in common with each other. And they’re a lot more popular than me.

But I’m so tired of trailing behind them and not getting noticed at all.

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