I Ain’t Fraid of No Ghost!

This week has kind of been a baby week. One of my friends is due any day now, and we had that last “oh my god” conversation before she becomes a mommy. Then I hung out with Rachel, who is skinny and mellow with this adorable perfectly round Buddha belly and she is just precious. And then LAST night, B and I got to meet my friend Tedpole’s kid, who is seriously the cutest kid in the entire universe and I Love Him.

I cannot WAIT to be a babysitter. I can wait to be a mom. But I am so psyched to babysit.

Partment is still way way fun and I am finally settled.

Last night, after I met the cutest kid in the entire universe (and I Love Him) I went down to the ci-tay and crashed at a haunted house. It was seriously the coolest house I’ve ever seen in my life, and I am determined to have a house that bright and fun at some point in my life. Dan scared the shit out of me with all the ghost stories, but we made it through the night intact because we are Ghostbusters and we are totally awesome.

I suppose that’s it for right now. But god, life is really fun and fantastic.

Also: This kid looks the way that I feel on the inside:

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