Tap Tap Tap …

On Friday, I actually heard the phrase “We got a bleeder!” And they weren’t joking. They were talking about me. Heebs keeps teasing me and telling me that my finger is going to fall off. Well, that’s just fine. If it does, I will get a sweet wooden one, a la Margo Tennenbaum.

Regardless of Heebs making fun of my differently-abledness and the apocolypse-like storm we had the other day, it was a good weekend. Friday night Jen and Ron had a massive party for Our Little Navy Bean, and it was a great time. All the DJ boys came over to spin, Navy Bean was smiling, and I spent a lot of time in the VIP room talking Veronica Mars with Uncle Bob. Good times.

My roommate is constantly working at awesome events, and sometimes she brings me home presents. Last night after I got home from Heebs’, there was a note for me… I opened the fridge and this is what I saw:

The door is full, too. Holy balls. I haven’t seen this many tallboys since the Great High Life Caper of ’98.

*fanning tears in eyes* I have the best roommate EVER.

There’s no way I can drink this, so I think we might be having the party this weekend.

Heebs, Lunchbox, and I have something awesome it the works… just you guys wait. I have a lot of fun with them.

I always think it’s weird when people get mad at other people for being happy. But it’s a million times weirder when people who don’t know you at all get mad at you for being happy. So mad, in fact, that they revive their cutesy happy blog … just to talk shit about my cutesy happy blog? Wha? I mean, I really can’t spare you the “sprinkley” details, Love. People give me stuff with sprinkles every day. See?

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