Hoodie Time!

I adore the fall.

Great things always tend to happen around this time of the year, and so far 2005 is no exception. I have all those busy weekends ahead of me, and there’s even more stuff in the works. Greentree, the Balloon Glow, being home alone with Heebs, Veronica Mars marathons, another trip to Chicago, a possible trip to Paris (!) to check out the offer, and a visit in a few weeks from The Secretary General of Cool.


I love my friends so much, and lately the ones I haven’t seen in a while have been calling or dropping by a lot, and that’s always a nice surprise.

Someone I know recently passed away, and Pregnant Ra and I were talking about it, along with the group of friends that we hung out with back in the day.

“Becky went to the funeral,” she said. She paused for a bit before adding “She has to go to EVERYTHING. God. I hate her.”

I laughed so hard… it was one of those moments that reconfirms why 90% of my friends are boys… but it also reminded me of how much I love Pregnant Ra.


My old friend Chris sells promotional supplies. I found this out when I bumped into him at work today. I haven’t seen him in forever.

He kind of did a double take when he saw me. “Whoa,” he said. “You’re like… a woman now.”

One of my marketing managers was walking by when he said this, and laughed when she saw me standing there, trying to react.

“… And what was I before, exactly?” I asked.

“No, no…” he laughed, giving me a hug. “I just mean, before you were like this little kitten, and now you’re like… ‘Roar’.”

I wonder, is Like Roar the same thing as Like Whoa? Either way, that was one of the nicest things I’ve heard in a while. But he almost took it back when he saw my office in all it’s Crayola Glory.


I wonder how long I can get away with not having to pick a boyfriend? It’ll happen when it’s meant to, I suppose, but in the meantime I’m having too much fun. I used to hate the idea of “dating”, but the longer it goes on, the funnier it gets.

One night, I got super drunk with a guy I was dating, and he tried to have “the talk” about getting more serious (always a great conversation to have when you’re hammered, of course). Supposedly I clamped my hand over his mouth, looked him in the eye, and said “Shut up.”

I don’t really remember this, but I wish I did because that’s awesome. And according to him, pretty hot. Haha.


Lately everyone I meet is heavily involved with comedy and improv. Even Mark and the Jersey boys are all about it. Laughter makes the world go round. This is going to be a great fall.

And once again, you guys, I am so serious about this harmonica. You have no idea.

Happy Friday!

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