Cookies Give You Wings

I had a pretty good weekend. I spent all day on Friday at a video shoot, so the day was fairly interesting and went by quickly. Then later that night, a bunch of us partied like rock stars with Conor, who is home from London!!! OMG! I love Conor so much, and when his Budweiser commercial starts airing all over the country, you will all fall in love with him, too.

Saturday night was, naturally, drunken mayhem with the frat boys, which has become so much easier to manage since two of them moved next door to me. We simultaneously played drinking games and watched Apocalypse Now, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mike’s new motto for me (as he hands me a shot) is “Good thing you live close.” We’re all waiting for the night where we party so hard that I can’t stumble the whole 10 feet home.

Sunday was a pretty interesting day. I got to be a model, which is always, always fun. This time around, I drove about 50 mi. outside of St. Louis with Mimi and she shot pictures on the land that her mom just bought. The previous owners built a really nice house on the property, but they also filled the land with stereotypical trashy trailers, creepy shacks, and even a weird lean-to. Then they just took off and left everything behind, so there was this eerie, abandoned, The Stand-ish vibe to the whole place. I got to wear a big beautiful pair of angel wings and run around the rubble, which was a lot more fun than it probably sounds. She also brought a white serial killer mask for Seth to wear, but after about three shots of him peering out of a trailer door, we freaked out and made him take it off.

After I got home, I watched Family Guy with Warren and Mike. Then I made about 4 batches of cookies for my co-workers, which (I was just informed) they’ve hidden so that the other departments won’t steal them. I make a mean cookie. Nice.

And right now, I’m having a hell of a good time switching back and forth between Ongekend and Pig Radio. And tonight I get to meet the Ra formerly known as Pregnant Ra’s baby. Babies!!! Eeeee!!!

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