Honky Tonk Badonk-a-donk

Out of the 25 birthday experiences I’ve had in my lifetime, I guess you could say that a lesbian country wedding makes the top five, at least. I mean, there isn’t much out of the ordinary to comment on… the ceremony was as touching and sweet as every other ceremony, and the parties were as crazy as every other Guilfoy family function. But it made for an interesting and happy 25th, that’s for sure.

Beautiful ceremony, fun reception, lots of Motown, insane hotel party, sweet IHOP breakfast the next morning… I love Tony’s family. I spent the majority of the night with Tim – he was the DJ at the reception, one of my three hotel roommates, and my chauffeur for the weekend. He’s a cool guy, and I’m psyched that he’s going to be my roommate-in-law. And our hotel was the best because in addition to drunk party animals, there were also a few college hockey teams and the contestants of a local dog show. We met the world’s cutest bulldogs! Hee!

The next morning, I received a bunch of birthday calls. I was busy running around the hotel looking for cute boys and puppies, so I called everyone back later in the day. Yesterday was beautiful, about 65 degrees and sunny, so I spent a few hours wandering around Kirkwood and talking to people I love. There were tons of other people walking/running/biking/skating outside too, and in typical Midwestern-nice-town-awesomeness, people would hear me mentioning birthday stuff on the phone, and they’d stop me on the sidewalk to wish me a happy birthday. Then I hung out with my favorite married people, which was a pleasure as always.

So 25 is nice so far… and it was a good birthday, I suppose. Lots of friends, lots of parties, lots of calls, and plenty of sunshine.

It wasn’t as great as my 23rd, where Karl and Ra introduced me to Jello (shots), there was a huge group birthday party ( for Pat, Dan, Lisa and me), Karl serenaded me with “Stephanie Knows Who”, Niki brought cupcakes to our grad school field trip, and Kevin and Milo surprised me with the most raunchy/hilarious gift I’ve ever received. Kevin can elaborate in the comments section if he’d like.

But it was way better than my 24th , at least, because last year Ex lied to me for 48 hours straight, and everyone made me go out to dinner. I HATE it when people make me go out to dinner, and no one ever understands this. And I REALLY hate people who lie to me.

Also, according to the cosmos, the new moon for Aquarians officially began on my birthday! Yay new moon!

So… not the best birthday of the 25 I’ve had, but somewhere in the middle, leaning towards the better. Which is a good spot to be when you’re OLD. *grumble*


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4 responses to “Honky Tonk Badonk-a-donk

  1. Karatechop

    A thong that was way too big, some peanutbutter, and a cheese grater. Am I forgetting anything?

  2. SecretlyStephie

    *sigh* A giant purple and green mesh thong, the economy-sized “fun pack” of condoms and… a big squeezable bottle of mayonaise.
    And when I pulled out the mayo, I gave you my best ‘the fuck?’ face, and you and Milo were like “What? It’s for sandwiches, you sicko!”
    A cheese grater?! Ouch! Who’d you get that for?

  3. kevo

    oh yeah, mayo, now I remember. good times – by the by – just got kicked out of my apartment. landlord showed himself in while I was naked and told me to get the fuck out in Korean so I’ll be living at the Holiday Inn

  4. Ronny Louvre

    Homeless Kevin= Not Cool. Work it out, essay.

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