A Pleasantly Plump Saturday

Here’s some pictures from Saturday… these were taken early in the day, before the only thing that a shorty like me could see was the back of Tony’s sweater. Check out how Tony and Peter helped speed along the porta potty line. Thanks, guys. And thanks, lady who opened the door.

The Mardi Gras in St. Louis (or the Soulard neighborhood, to be more exact) is the second largest Mardi Gras party in the country.

Well, hopefully we’re still second. On the news this morning, they showed a lot of people partying in New Orleans, and it was really nice to see everyone happy and having a good time.

I’d never been to Mardi Gras before, and I’ve made my feelings about it quite clear. However, I had heard that some of the proceeds would go to the victims of Katrina. So I, Stephanie, philanthropist and friend to humanity, decided to attend my very first Mardi Gras and contribute to the relief efforts… over and over and over again.

Seven of the frat boys and I went down there together, and I was honestly shocked by the size of the crowd, and of Soulard itself. There were blocks and blocks and blocks of parties and tents and balconies and people. I’ve heard that anywhere from 500,000 to 1.2 million people showed up, although there’s really no way to tell.

I was scared that I would lose all of my boys in the crowd, but being the only girl of the group has its advantages… I’d just park them in front of a balcony full of potential boobies, run off to get a refill or do my business, and I’d return to find them in the exact same spot (most likely with the exact facial expressions, with their beers still frozen mid-sip… men are hilarious).

After a day of mayhem, I went home to take a nap (!), and then we met up later at Ice & Fuel. There were about 30 of my friends, and maybe 15 other customers (who we all kind of knew anyway), so we took the place over and it felt just like back in the day. So I have to say, my first Mardi Gras was a success.

And no, I didn’t flash anybody. Are you kidding?

Also! The Takedown has two more shows – April 1 and April 21. Then they’ll be in Chicago! Go Go Go!


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3 responses to “A Pleasantly Plump Saturday

  1. Ray

    What? Beads not good enough for you? The girl with the most beads is the coolest or so I’ve heard. Anyway, happy Fat Tuesday1 I am giving up cursing for lent, not gonna work.

  2. If beads automatically equals flashing, then that makes the “Beads Day” at my work really disturbing.

  3. Karatechop

    don’t worry steff, you can always expose yourself next year

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