There’s Something About Mary’s Son, Jesus

My dad and I hung out yesterday, and our conversation was beyond awesome.

First, let me point out the following things:

  • The blog title is from a post that Jessica left on “Who In The The What Now”.
  • My dad is a Born-Again Christian, not in the crappy “in-your-face” judgmental way, but the “always nice and never talks shit” leading-by-example way.
  • Even though he’s not that bad, we get into political debates all the time and I love to tease him about What Jesus Would Do.
  • He’s like 4’11 and totally non-threatening, unless you refuse to clean your room or give him “that tone of voice, young lady”.

Okay – this is the best conversation I’ve ever had with my dad:
Me: I hate to say it – and I know this sounds weird coming from me – but he really needs to just put her in her place and tell her to shut the hell up.

Dad: You mean… keep her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Heh.

Me: Oh my god. No.

Dad: Well, she does kind of need… to get slapped (immediately blushes).

Me: No, he needs to punch her.

Dad: Oh, I wouldn’t go tha – well, yeah.

Me: In the face!

Dad: Hee hee hee.

Me: Seriously! He needs to punch her in the face!

Dad: (flailing arms in excitement) Right in the mouth!

Me: (high-fiving him) I KNOW!

Dad: Just… you know, one punch. One good one.


(He’s totally asking for forgiveness in his head. I can tell)

Me: Hey Dad? Do you think Jesus is mad at us?

Dad: (giggling) Oh, we’re kidding…

Both of Us, Thinking: …kind of.

Dad: You know what, Stephie? (pulling me into a hug) I think we have a spot reserved in Heaven for having to deal with all this crap.
I love my dad more than I’ve ever loved him in whole my life. Also: I’m going to Heaven!


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2 responses to “There’s Something About Mary’s Son, Jesus

  1. Ray

    your dads awesome stef, he has cool stuff too

  2. Ronny Louvre

    I am so glad you and your dad talked that out and that you posted it for me. She does deserve it! I punched Jen right in her beautiful new teeth this morning after I read it. Thanks for your great advice!

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