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No Sleep Til (nuh nuh… nuh nuuuuuh) Monday!

I didn’t sleep all weekend.

I’d almost forgotten how bad that feels… how cranky and emotional and shitty I become when I haven’t slept at all. Looking back, it surprises me that people stayed friends with me or actually dated me when I was on a sleepless bender. And I’m shocked that my parents never sent me back to the orphanage.

If you’ve never hung out with me when I haven’t slept for days, it’s kind of like this:

You can’t tell from looking at this picture, but my brother and I always had a blast with our Grandpa. We used to go to the riverboats all the time before they turned into casinos. And why wouldn’t we? Check out that view!

Jesus, what is with me in that picture? Now I can’t stop laughing.

I had a really productive and amazing day, despite the no-sleep thing. I finished one book, read another one, ran a few miles, finished Karl’s mosaic, hung out with the family, took the first half of the Mensa practice test, watched Deadwood (and my boyfriend Sheriff Bullock) with the crew, had a nice conversation with Cute Boy, and ate an awesome dinner. Y’all, Niki’s lasagna was so good that Dustin almost cried.

So yeah…it was a good day and I didn’t take the crankies out on anybody. And my nice sleeping pill cocktail is kicking in, so hopefully I’ll be back to my old self soon.

Theeeere she is.

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