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Credit Where Credit Is Due

I’ve always gravitated towards people who are characters… so naturally, there’s at least one great story about everyone I know.

When the Jersey boys came to town, they met the Frat boys. The Frat boys have known me since I was 14 so they know everything about me, including who I’ve dated. And whenever they meet my “new” friends, they like to tell as many weird stories about me as possible.

Between meeting the Frat boys and catching up with Jen and Ron, the Jersey boys got to hear my entire dating history in a day and a half. In the course of an hour, they heard about 15 stories that included the phrase “Steph’s ex-boyfriend” or “this one guy who liked Stephie” or “Remember when Steph went out to dinner with him?”

Because of this, Frank likes to think that I’m a heartbreaker who has dated everyone in a 50 mile radius. He makes fun of me all the time. He left me a really clever comment (signed “dad”) the other day. And you guys can’t see this, but when you leave a comment you’re supposed to sign your e-mail address. He signed his comment:


At the time I thought it was Tony, because Tony is so protective of me that we call him Dad. If I was hooking up with anybody I’d be offended, but I’ve been on a self-imposed dating strike for a while now and I think I’ve earned my virginity back. And you know why it seems like I’ve dated everybody? Because they’re all still around. I tend to stay friends with everyone, including boys I break up with.

Nevertheless, Frank told me he’s upset that he didn’t get credit for his sweet joke.

So here it is: Frank thinks I am a sassy man-eater, and he probably has a bet with Ray over what city I will date next.

Are you happy now, Frank? I stopped making out with somebody just to type this, so I hope it was worth it.

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