A Fifth for the Fifth

So I wrote about how I was okay with sacrificing fireworks for the safety of my car, but then I wrote all that stuff about loving fireworks and I started to get sad. It all worked out, though, because Kirkwood had the fireworks last night!

I walked up to the park with Jen & Ron and that whole crew. The weather was absolutely beautiful and cool, so for once the walk was easy (even with my 900 lb. chair that I didn’t use). We found the perfect spot in the cemetery next to Mr. Felix Daly, and eventually there were about fourteen of us.

The fireworks were awesome, except for the creepy screaming ones that went on for 10 minutes… they looked like little angry ghosts or scary missiles (TOO SOON, K-wood. Too soon). For the most part, they were big and bright and loud, and the running Bonus Commentary made it even more entertaining.

Afterwards we walked back to Jen’s parents for more fireworks, brought to us by Ron and Jen’s dad. We woke up the entire neighborhood and got kicked out, but it was a good show, and for once I wasn’t afraid of anyone blowing up. They picked a good batch of fireworks this year – nice job, guys.

I took off so that I could go the bed and be a responsible girl for once. So naturally, Ty called and demanded that I meet them up at Duffy’s for a goodbye beer. I was PLANNING on only having one, but naturally, it was KARAOKE NIGHT and all of the cool kids were out.

Jake rocked the house once again, this time with “Black” by Pearl Jam. Myspace Mike made my day with “Anything for Love”. We were skeptical about Sarah’s friend singing “What’s Going On”, but she absolutely blew us away.

I was going to sing “Brass in Pocket”, but (a) we couldn’t remember the name of the song, (b) I know for a fact that if I sang “I’m special”, Ty would sing it back in retarded voice at the top of his lungs, and (c) the last thing I needed to do was “get some attention” from Oldham.

The highlight of the night was when Warren sang “Sympathy for the Devil” because he has a really great voice, and also because we got to sing back-up through the whole song: “Woooo woooo!”

Note to everyone at Duffy’s: that chick who sang “My Heart Will Go On”? Not with us.

I think I was there til one in the morning. Note to Ty: it’s always great to see you and Sarah, and I feel as though I celebrated the Fourth as much as possible thanks to you. But you are a bad influence and you got me in trouble like eight times last night. Go back to Wyoming.


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2 responses to “A Fifth for the Fifth

  1. Duffy Patron

    She wasn’t with you? I think she was you.

  2. Nuh uh… that’s when Oldham started propositioning me, and my way out of the conversation was by saying, “Look I just… I can’t talk about this during the Titanic song. I’m sorry.”

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