Mosaic 2.0

First of all (and pretend I wrote this tomorrow, okay?) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!! I love you!!

So here’s Mosaic 2.0. I consider it the exact opposite of a Monet…from far away it’s kind of butt, but up close it’s really pretty.

When I asked TSGoC what he wanted, he said “something with fire”, but he’s really into Egyptian stuff so I opted for the Eye of Horus instead. That eye, in case you’re wondering, is Kate Beckensdale’s. I tried to make an eye myself but they kept turning out really lame… luckily I had People Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue, so I had a wide variety of good eyes to choose from. A close second? Tom Selleck!

This one included a piece from when I got my tattoo, a page number (2,653, or something), and the one where I foolishly referred to my 2nd trip to London as the “best trip ever”. I also included a few pieces with his name, as well as some with “Jen”, “Ron” and “Kevin”. I looked for a “Josh” but I couldn’t find one. The yellow piece that says “present” is from that gross birthday present that Kevin and Milo gave me.

The one that says “conversation” right above the eye is from our first date at Blueberry Hill. I remember writing about it… it’s when I realized he was the most interesting person I had ever met, and I decided that I liked him very much. It’s pretty cool that I can randomly reach into a pile of paper and pick up the memories that mean the most.

The most important thing I learned during the making of 2.0 is that I really write the word “really” a lot. I pulled out pieces with “really” over and over again… I think that there are five or six “really”s on this one alone. I can spot three of them on that picture. I started throwing the “really” pieces away because they pissed me off. I glanced though the Shortcake archives and holy hell, there are a lot of them. It’s really really annoying. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

Also (and I realize I also write “also” a lot, but that’s my tribute to Vonnegut): Does anyone know where I can buy a cheap gigantic world map? The kind that’s in every classroom in North America? I tried Borders, but their map was lame. I don’t want to look online, because I might have to go through two or three of them.

My big plan (which is what prompted me to try paper mosaics in the first place) is to make a giant world map for my room made out of pieces of my journal. This shouldn’t be too hard if I find the right map… it’s just a matter of tracing and intricate cutting and remembering where to put things. Luckily, I have a cutting board, a light table, and a box of X-Acto knives in my office. But I still have to make a baby turtle mosaic, so I have plenty of time.


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3 responses to “Mosaic 2.0

  1. kevin

    I imagine you feel a strange kind of energy when you are in its presence. It is telling you something. It was once a record of your life and now it calls out at you like a blinking cursor on Doogies Howser’s screen saying: What’s next? Or am I like way off on this one.

  2. Nah, blank books and computer screens call out to me… these just make me feel like, “Well, that was a good time,” or “Thank god that’s over.”

    Hee hee, Doogie.

  3. RØB

    I have a world map shower curtain, it was like $10 at Target. It’s pretty big, and you can check’r out while you’re brushing your teeth or whatever!

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