“I feel like getting some french bread. Wanna go to France?”

Last night Brad took me to the Tivoli to see Little Miss Sunshine and oh my god, you guys. Oh my god oh my god you guys you guys. It was so fantastic. Absolutely perfect. I haven’t felt like that since the first time I saw Amélie (where the entire theater burst into applause at the end and we couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home).

Go see Little Miss Sunshine. Seriously.

Proust gets brought up a lot in the film. Every time I think about Proust, I think about that time in Paris when the Jersey Boys and I went looking for Jim Morrison’s grave. We got lost in Père Lachaise and wandered around for like four hours. We stumbled across Proust and Moliére’s graves, and as an English major I tried to convince everyone (including myself) that their graves were just as important and cool. They weren’t. It was dorkorama and I knew it.

We gave up and right as we were about to leave, some guy appeared out of nowhere and whispered, “Are you looking for Jeeem?” Then he led us behind and across a few graves to a secret little hiding spot, and for a second we thought we were going to get mugged, but there he was. Jim frickin Morrison. I didn’t have a candle to light so I left him a cigarette. Proust. Psshh.

I am once again on my THIRD DAY of NO SLEEP, so I am pretty much the opposite of Little Miss Sunshine at the moment. After work I plan on turning off my phone, taking some pizz-ills and crashing. I don’t want to hear any bitching and I don’t want any drunk people banging on my window, please. Yes, I miss you. Yes, I would rather be out. No, I’m not going to the bars with you. Stephie no party. Stephie sleepy.


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3 responses to ““I feel like getting some french bread. Wanna go to France?”

  1. Meursault

    I think I was napping when you guys went to the cemetery, Im sorry I missed that. Did you read Proust? If you did you are the coolest person ever by like a lot, and even if you didn’t that totally still applies. I read book one and vowed to read the whole thing, we shall see.

    Go rest and relax, not sleeping is a bitch, and so’s my mom.

  2. You should feel lucky you missed it. We wandered around forever and got so lost… I think it was my fault. Again. Frank offered Steve 100 francs to climb inside a crypt or something… that was the one funny part.

    I read Proust in college, which should tell you how much I remember about it. I still say you’re cooler than me. Hey, are you still moving to Budapest?

  3. Meursault

    The nap was nice, I watched Baywatch in french but alas I would have liked to be there.

    Lets call it a tie, and agree we are both cooler then Clair but not as cool as Max.

    I don’t know yet, so many details to work out still, and it would be in two weeks…yikes.

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