Face Place and Myspace

Last night was fantastic – I saw a performance of “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”, hung out with Nate at his house, and then met up with the cast at Blueberry Hill. I got home at about 2, which is 3 1/2 hours before my alarm usually goes off.

When I woke up this morning, I realized the following things:

1. I would like to spend the rest of my life in a room full of comedians and performers, please.

2. I need to move to Chicago. I’ve been wanting to move there for a long time. It’s the best place to work on my creative writing endeavors while still having an actual “career”. Besides, that’s where the Funny is.

3. I’m going to start saving money now so that I can move to Chicago in a year. Unless I fall in love or something like that, in which case I will use the money to buy a puppy.

4. I like people who talk more than I do… especially when they make me laugh so hard that I can barely breathe, let alone speak.

5. There is nothing weirder than sitting at a table with a bunch of people you’ve seen on Myspace, but have never actually met: “I don’t know know you, but I know you.” “Did we go to prom together?” “Haven’t I seen a picture of you and a horse or something?”

6. Stories about personal encounters with Tara Reid will always be funny. FYI: Tara Reid laughs like a man and farts in elevators.

7. I could spend an entire paycheck in the Face Place photo booth. I really could.

8. You’re not cool until you take over the Cigar Room at Blueberry Hill with your friends and somebody proposes a toast “to the 20th Century!”

9. Those two guys sitting at the bar are not “gay and chatty”. No, they are not. They are hitting on you and trying to look down your shirt. STOP TALKING TO STRANGERS.

10. I love old people, and I am no longer afraid of becoming one (this is not because of last night… I jogged with some sassy seniors around the track, and they made me love life. Those were probably the most enlightening 3 miles I will ever travel, which is ironic because I was going in circles).

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