I Get My Kicks At 26

So, I had a pretty good birthday. It wasn’t as horrible as I told you all it would be, at least, so that’s nice. Just wait until I start predicting my Valentines Day.*

Some silly stuff happened. I had to work that day, so semi-assy things happened as well. Lovely things happened. Confusing things. Happy things. Surprising things. So… overall it was just a normal day I guess, which is the way I like it.

Since my birthday was on a Monday, I had the right to party all weekend. Friday night started out pretty crappy but then Josh saved the day, which is one reason why he’s my hero. Another reason is the Beatles song he sang on my voicemail. Heeeee.

Saturday night I met up with Dan, Pat, Tony and Cate at Ice & Fuel. I haven’t been there in a while and I don’t see those kids very often, so it was fun. It was Dan and Pat’s birthday weekend as well, which made it triple great. And sitting at my Home Bar with a totally different group of friends was weird in the most delightful way.

Oh yeah, I had to go to motherf%#%ing birthday dinner that day, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and their friends (and old people in general) but if I don’t have a friend to bring with me then it’s insanely boring and awkward. I have felt this way ever since my brother moved and I was left to fend for myself amongst the grown-ups.

Topics for this year’s birthday dinner included, but were not limited to: bridge, arthritis, remodeling kitchens, Sandy’s stamp club, fishing (because I said “I like fish” and someone thought I said “I like TO fish”) and surviving the Holocaust. Next year I am putting my foot down. No damn dinner. For real.

After Ice & Fuel, Dan and I ran into Katie and Joe at Winifred. We all went up to Laughs on the Landing for the Midnight Special Comedy Showcase, which is a hell of a good time if you’ve never been. Mikey, Josh and the rest of the comedians were hilarious.

When we left Laughs at 2ish, it was seriously about 5 degrees outside so Katie just took off running, and we decided it was a good idea. It was super fun sprinting all the way down the Landing, knocking the drunks out of the way. We went back to Katie and Joe’s place for a while. They really are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Despite the fact that I’m allergic, I really adore it when a cat wakes me up in the morning – especially if it’s an Eskimo kiss. You got me, cat. I love you. (*achooooo*)

Dan and Josh tied for first place as my Birthday MVPs. Those two are wonderful, as are all of you. Thank you so much to everybody for everything.

I credit MySpace Birthday Alerts for giving me more birthday wishes than I’ve received in years, all in a potpourri of comments, messages, calls and the such. As much as I make fun of MySpace, that was quite lovely.

I still got carded for beer all weekend. Yesssssss.

Jen and I hung out on my actual birfday, which was exactly what I needed to do. And my brother gave me Short Circuit, which made me really happy.

And then? Right at the stroke of midnight? My roommate burped and farted at the same time. It was extraordinary. Happy Birthday to me.

*I’m totally kidding about that; I refuse to even think about Valentines Day. You’re welcome.

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