I Just Love Your Braaaains

Stephie: I’m in a really awful mood.

Mark: Oh yeah? How so?

Stephie: I just want to kill everybody. (beat) Except you, I guess.

Mark: (whispers) Sweeeeet.

Stephie: But then again, you’d be left alone in the world with me, so… sucks for you.

Mark: You know, even if we were the last two people on earth, you’d probably still find a way to say, “I’m sorry Mark… I’m seeing somebody else.”

Stephie: Yeah, I’d be holding hands with like, a zombie.

Mark: I can see you dragging around Justin Timberlake’s body or something. You would choose necrophilia over me.

Stephie: Heee! Zombie Justin! I’d just tape him together with some band-aids.

Mark: Eeew-hew-hew! Nice.

Stephie: Covered in band-aids, with like an iPod and speakers strapped to his head just playing his songs over and over.

Mark: (laughing)

Stephie: “But Mark, he’s bringing sexy back… from the dead.”

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