Smack That

Stephie: “Ooooooh-ooooh! Wheeeeeeee-ooooooh!”

J: Eh?

Stephie: That Gwen Stefani song is stuck in my head.

J: Which one?

Stephie: You know, the one that goes “Ooooooh-oooh! Wheeee-oooh!”

J: I don’t know if I’ve heard it. Is she singing that noise?

Stephie: No, it’s that guy.

J: Oh, that guy. Jesus. (beat) Oh wait, is that the song with Akon?

Stephie: Eeeeew! No!

J: I think it is.

Stephie: Is not!

J: Let’s google it. (clickity-clack clack) Haha.

Stephie: (gasp) No! Nooooooo! Fuck!

J: What?

Stephie: Now I have to hate that song!

J: Why?

Stephie: Because I hate Akon.

J: (singing) Raaaaaa-ciiiiist.

Stephie: Am not! Shut up! I just hate Akon.

J: Why?

Stephie: Because he’s so monotone and date-rapey. He’s like Makai Pfieiffer on OxyContin.

J: But you like that song.

Stephie: Ugh, I know. Shoot. It’s too expressive to be an Akon song. I really thought it was that guy.

J: Who is “that guy”?

Stephie: The one from the Black Eyed Peas.

J: The one who dresses like Kermit the Frog?

Stephie: Exactly!


Stephie: Wait. Wait! No.

J: What?

Stephie: Kermit doesn’t wear clothes.

J: Um… wow. You’re right.

Stephie: So why did I know exactly what you meant?

J: I think… I think it has something to do with his shoes?

Stephie: Kermit doesn’t have shoes either. But you’re right. It’s something about his socks. Like, you can always see’s socks and there’s something froggy about it.

J: That’s so weird. This is going to bother me.


Stephie: Oh! I know who it is! Michigan J. Frog!

J: Who?

Stephie: The frog from the WB. “Hello, my baby…”.

J: Yes! That’s it!

Stephie: They killed him to make the CW all green.

J: Haha. They “wound him, ground him up on the floor.”

Stephie: Is that from an Akon song?

J: Yyyyyyup.

Stephie: Gross.

J: So why was I thinking Kermit? I knew it was one of those frogs.

Stephie: (singing) Raaaaa-ciiiiiist.

J: Hey, you’re the one who digs the Black Eyed Peas.


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2 responses to “Smack That

  1. Joe M.

    i think is just the dude inside the michigan j. frog suit. now that he’s renounced his frog persona we can know michigan for who he is on the inside. one funky little dood who sold out a long time ago. keep watchin’ the CW!

  2. Oh, the CW rocks so hard. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows, and Smallville and Supernatural are full of my favorite TV boyfriends.

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