French Fried

Well, I am almost finally completely moved. My new place is sweltering, but my room is super cozy. My window looks out into the courtyard, so if it’s open I can hear noises echoing off of the bricks. I can hear the train, but softly enough that it’s soothing. My apartment makes me feel like I live in the city, but I can still walk to all of my favorite spots. I love it. I told Jason that it makes me feel like I’m in Italy. He made fun of me. This will probably happen a lot.

There is a big orange cat that lives below me, but she wanders around all over the place and mostly lounges by the staircase all day. She hangs out in all the apartments, apparently. I think she peed in our bathroom closet right before we moved in. Jason agrees with me. She is a nice fluffy cat, though. I like her.

Brad moved all of the big heavy stuff for me. Thank you very much Bradley!

I am sleepy and all of my muscles are sore. That’s pretty much all I have to say right now. Maybe next week I’ll have more exciting things to share. Hopefully.

I’ve been showing off my friends for the past week or so, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite films – RØB’s movie, brought to you by Pancake Productions.

My love Kyle plays a dual role, so keep your eye out for him. My friends from London might be able to spot a cameo by the always adorable Jaffa. You guys already know Røb from his super nice comments. Oh, and I think my cousin dated that girl who plays the waitress?

So now… for your viewing pleasure, I present:

Pour Chaque <<Non>>
(click, s’il vous plait)

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