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Everything’s Coming Up Cacti

Yeah, I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve been super busy and I haven’t had much time to have fun. However, the little free time I have right now has been lovely. Here’s what I’ve been wrapped up in:

Auricular Therapy

It’s been almost 2 months since I quit smoking, and for the most part it’s been great. Given that I smoked for 12 years, I’m still shocked at how well it worked. This has made me a believer. I will preach the miracle of auricular therapy until proven otherwise.

This week, I went back to get my ear shocked for insomnia. I started asking the guy a million questions about the process, and as he was explaining the different nerve endings in the ear, he gave me a little “sample shock” of each nerve. I feel flippin’ incredible right now. I almost feel like a different person. I think I’m addicted to auricular therapy now. I want to start a cult about it. We can build a stonehenge of giant foam ears. Or something.


So I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday. The door automatically locked behind me as I was getting the mail and I was stranded without my keys or my cell phone. My roommate wasn’t coming home for a while and I didn’t have a phone, so I did what any resourceful girl would do: I started walking.

Honestly, I was kind of regretting not moving to the city but I’m back to loving Kirkwood. I walked to three friend’s houses in less than an hour. A stranger offered me his phone. A hot guy at the health food store offered to drive me to Jen and Ron’s. People here are so lovely and the walks are almost always fun. I’m glad I stayed here.

Oh, and I realized that I need to start memorizing phone numbers… stat. I was absolutely helpless without my cell phone. I had to call Tony’s parents to get his cell, and then I called Tony to get my roommate’s number. If I met you after high school, I have no clue what your number is – even if we talk every day. So sad.


The very same day that my grandma gave me a cactus, Mort posted this. I like to think of it as Pointe South on drugs:


Mike and I had a conversation a couple of months ago about the moment you realize that you like something… it can surprise you. It’s almost like a window inside of yourself. Well, I’ve discovered that I love covers of songs. I always liked them, but I’ve come to realize that they make me really happy.

My current favorite is Nico’s “These Days”, covered by Mates of State. Other favorites include Karen O’s cover of Bjork’s “Hyperballad”and anything by Nouvelle Vaugue. I’ve been seeking out other cool covers, so feel free to comment with some of your favorites.


I quit taking those pills. They didn’t fix what they were supposed to fix – all they did was make me want to cry 24/7 and blog about hating life. I seriously cried every day that I took them. I was talking to Jen the other day and I just started tearing up out of nowhere. I had to stop and explain, “Sometimes? They just fall out for no reason.”

I really can’t handle living like that anymore. So this time around, I quit. I think it’s working because Laverne died on Scrubs and it was super sad and I didn’t cry. Things are on the up and up. Thank god.

This American Life

I’ve been listening to This American Life on NPR forever. If you’ve never listened to TAL, here’s a good description from their Web site:

These are stories about a character or characters who are thrown into situations that shed light on something larger. The stories are constructed as a series of scenes or anecdotes (unlike most radio reporting). Often the characters change over the course of the story. Sometimes the entire story involves a writer or reporter (or character) going into situations to try to figure out the answer to some question.

Jason somehow hooked us up with free Showtime… the same week that This American Life started airing their new TV show! I was skeptical at first, but it’s just as compelling and it’s absolutely beautiful (especially on our sexy HDTV). Watch. Learn. Love:


When you drive into my apartment complex, there’s a big hill. If you drive into my complex after school lets out, there’s usually this kid riding his bike up and down the hill. Up and down, up and down… he does this all day, like that kid on the escalator in Mallrats. Chances are, you will almost hit him. We all do.

I get really pissed off at that kid (again, just like Mallrats), but today I finally dug my pink bike out and got a tune-up, and now I understand. I really want to go outside and ride my bike up and down that hill all night.

Mike is coming over later to watch Harry Potter so I had to go get candy, and I got to RIDE MY BIKE TO 7-11 TO GET CANDY and it was seriously the most awesome thing I’ve one thusfar in The Year of Awesome.

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