Happiness Is

This Guy On My Couch:

Man, you have no idea how much I’ve missed this guy. The other day, Darren called Kevin “a National Treasure”, which is the truest thing ever uttered on AIM. Welcome home, Kevin.

Being Communicatory with Mike

Music Mike and I don’t talk anymore. We just send pictures of ourselves conveying whatever mood we’re in. It gets to be pretty goofy, especially around bedtime:

We are silly. I like whatever we’ve got going on.

Twin Peaks Club

RØB and Courtney (of Pancake Productions fame) are simply the coolest. They have begun hosting a Twin Peaks Club and we had the first meeting on Sunday. In addition to the Twin Peaks pilot, the evening included Tater Tots! Exotic Candy! Artsy Conversationing! And Making Fun of Bobby! I love it. Plus it gives me an excuse to drive through the Loop once a week, which I can’t get enough of.

My New Route to Jen and Ron’s

Someday I will have to get a video camera and tape this walk… you would not believe how charming and adorable it is. I pass by the Train Station, the custard stand, Farmer’s Market, a gazebo in the middle of the road, The Unitarian Church where I kissed Peter in the broom closet, and then I spend a good 30-40 minutes walking past all of these colorful ginormous mansions that look like dollhouses.

When I ride my bike on that route, I feel like I’m in a Jessica Tandy movie. Do you know what I mean? Come over and ride with me. You’ll know what I mean. Late at night, it feels like Six Flags right before they close. I still pass by the Shawn Hornbeck apartment (which has a “For Rent” sign out front if anyone is interested), but the rest of the new route is precious.

Lime Green Cotton Chinese Mary Janes

It’s like I’m barefoot, but cuter! Ten years ago, I bought a pair of cotton Chinese Mary Janes from Delia’s, and they are still wearable. I needed smaller ones, though, so I found this site and bought like six pairs. I only get the soft cotton ones, though – the rest are a little butt. Up next: hot pink ones to match my bike!

Laughs on the Landing

Lately, going to Laughs on the Landing feels like going to a friend’s house. I’ve met so many super fun people through Josh and Mikey, and a lot of them perform there so I always run into at least a few people I know. Mikey featured this last weekend and he absolutely killed. I laughed until it hurt. I sat with a big fun group of people including this guy, and it was a blast. We were all really proud of Mikey.

My YouTube Boyfriends

New clips from Pointe South and Two Rude Dudes are like, the highlight of my internet life:


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3 responses to “Happiness Is

  1. RØB

    YESSSSS! That’s TWO mentions in Shortcake City entries. BAM!

  2. Well, that’s what you get when you TOTALLY ROCK!!!

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