Can’t You Dig The Sunshine?*

“I’ve decided that since I’m probably never getting married, I’ll just be that friend everyone needs, you know? When my friends break up with whoever or get fired or divorced and shit, they can come live with me. I’ll bake them cookies. We’ll get drunk. Then they’ll like, get better and the next friend can move in.”

“… You want to be Bonnie Hunt?”

– Me and Josh, discussing the future


I’m really, really happy right now. I love my place. I love the whole set-up – the look, the sounds, the smell… everything. I like cooking and sleeping and showering right next to windows and sunshine. I like the space and the colors and the area. I like going for walks and riding my bike. I still kind of want a boyfriend, but I have enough wonderful friends to make up for that. I like when my friends come over. I like the walks and the drives to go see them.

I’m just digging my surroundings, is all. This weekend I appreciated it more than usual – to the point where I didn’t want to stop. I was up until 3 or 4 every night, just wandering around and loving life. This is probably the best thing you can expect to hear from someone who, a month ago, basically hated everything.

However, this is probably the worst thing you could hear from an insomniac. Man, even my bed is having that effect on me. It’s so damn comfortable, I don’t want to fall asleep and miss it. I just curl up on it next to the window and read 2 or 3 magazines at a time, hugging the pillows and squishing my toes into the egg crate for hours.

That cat who lives downstairs follows us upstairs every time she sees us. Jason and I are both allergic, but we let her in because she’s awesome and she seems to like our place. Hell, even my Chia head is digging the new pad. He’s blooming twice as much as he was last time, and I didn’t do anything differently.


I finally met Rachael’s son Isaac. He’s beautiful and he has a mohawk. And he’s hysterical… definitely one of the most expressive babies I’ve ever seen. He just sits there making faces and noises, and they all make sense in some weird wonderful way. Him and Ra will just sit there and stare at each other for the longest time. I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to be a stay-at-home mom… just hanging out with a baby 24/7. I’m starting to understand why it wouldn’t be boring at all.

Isaac’s “poop face” had Rachael and I crying laughing for a good ten minutes. I often use “crying laughing” as a hyperbole, but when I’m with Rachael that actually happens. Our faces get bright red and we can’t talk and tears just pour out cuz we can’t stop cracking up. That’s probably why she’s been my friend the longest. I’m really glad she’s in town.


I’ll wrap this up with another me ‘n Josh conversation:

Stephie: Last week, the North Star was so big… it was HUGE!! It was so pretty and twinkly, and I ended up staring at it the whole way home. I dragged Jason outside and showed it to him when I got back.

Josh: I think you’re wrong.

Stephie: About what? The star?

Josh: Yeah. You weren’t looking at the star… it was looking at you.

Stephie: Ooohhh… nice.

Josh: You like that?

Stephie: That was good.

Josh: See? I can throw around the saccharine if need be.

Stephie: That is going in the books, my friend.

*If you know where this line is from, then you rock so, so hard.


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3 responses to “Can’t You Dig The Sunshine?*

  1. Mort

    Still strange that you’re good friends with my two totally seperate group of friends from St. Louis. You must be pretty great. Thanks for the Ashtray video, I needed to see that again. And thanks for posting the Dudes videos as well. You’re just the tops.

  2. Well, I met Music Mike that night you did stand-up at the Landing… eventually everyone meets everyone in St. Louis. I love that.

    And it’s funny that you commented about it… I’m actually going to post the trailer for “Diary of a Co-Worker” sometime soon, whenever RØB needs me to pimp it out.

    I told Josh that I’m slowly infiltrating his life like in “Single White Female”. Just wait until I finish knitting these fake eyebrows. You won’t know when I make the switch, but it’s coming.

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