Sonic Rheum

I feel a little bit like a turtle on it’s back. Stationary. Helpless. Watching the world go by, completely unable to participate.

However, I’m also pretty pissed off, so unlike turtles (excluding the snapping turtle, which I’m sure I will mirror at least once today) there’s no doubt that I could eff someone up if provoked enough.

And I’m bummed out and sad, so I’m a little more vulnerable and cuddly than a creature with a half shell. I have no major reason for feeling this way, just millions of tiny reasons that poke at me enough to cause considerable pain.

So to review: half of me wants to hurt someone. The other half just wants a hug.

Basically, I feel like this guy:


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2 responses to “Sonic Rheum

  1. Tones

    Kind of looks like Jared Leto with a mohawk. Kidding. If I was able to, I would give you a big black hug because you are OFFICIAL

  2. Kevin

    its one of those days you know – i’m feeling really weird – like i want to hurt someone with a hug too

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