The International House of Awesome!

Today is RØB’s birthday. Happy birthday RØB! In addition to being Shortcake’s 2007 MVC (most valuable commenter), RØB is also the pancake master of Pancake Productions, and he is always whipping up cool events around town.

The latest event is extra important to note because it includes a lot of people in the Shortcake universe. So if you read Shortcake and you live in St. Louis, I want to see your ass at the Winifred Moore Auditorium at NOON on Saturday, May 26 for a screening of Diary of a Co-worker.

Click here to see the trailer!

The star of the film is Mort from Two Rude Dudes. You may have also noticed a cameo from Josh Arnold (of Pointe South fame) and RØB himself. Play the trailer again just for the music – it’s by Kevin Buckley, who is Music Mike’s friend and the genius behind Grace Basement. Kevin doesn’t know this, but I think he’s brilliant.

In addition to Diary of a Co-worker, they’ll be screening Exclusively Yours, which I’ve heard is also amazing.

Oh, did I mention you can see these two films for FREE??? Now you have no excuse. Hell, we can even carpool.

They made this a couple of years ago, before I really knew any of them. I can’t wait to see this. Also watch it again and admire their vests and bowties. I had to wear that uniform for two years. Jealous?


This weekend was super duper fun. I got to ride to North County in a car with four comedians, which should tell you everything you need to know. Adam and Jaime threw a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research and it was the most fun I’ve had in months.

Adam and Dave’s band, Poisonous Whitesnake, made their debut. I actually danced for like 30 seconds – that’s how awesome it was. By the end of the night everyone was tipsy and the old people were gone, so the comedians all went up one by one and were basically allowed to do whatever they wanted, which is always dangerous and always hysterical. I really have a blast whenever I hang out with that group of friends.

Also, my cousin Andrew’s band had their CD Release Party at the Pageant!! Bockman kicks so much ass, and not just because they’re named after a Kurt Vonnegut story. Everybody needs to go pick up a copy of Chasing Dragons ASAP.

Saturday was my three month anniversary of quitting smoking. I have to confess – I HAVE smoked four cigarettes in those three months. But considering the fact that I used to smoke 15 a day, I don’t think those four should count. Also: smoking is how I meet cute boys! They were so cute! It was an emergency!


And finally, here are two of the latest installments of Pointe South and Two Rude Dudes:

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