“It’s like… if you’re nice to them, they bring you things?” (revisited)

Before I start gushing about the weekend, there’s a few things I need to admit:

I need to start writing again. And by writing I mean… screenplays? Or at least something with more of a narrative? Pretty much anything. I started this blog so that I’d be forced to write every day, and I went into copywriting so that I could keep that part of my brain awake while I paid the bills. I’m getting involved in more projects and making connections in great places, but it’s starting to make me realize how much I’m missing out on by not practicing new things.

I adore Mates of State. I’ve liked them forever, but I’m always hesitant to declare my love for indie bands. For all intents and purposes, I should hate them. They’re a married couple. They make goo-goo eyes on stage and bring their cute baby with them on tour. Silly trendy people like them. And. AND! They are from Connecticut. So I should totally hate them, right? But I don’t. They are so precious and talented and fun. They absolutely delight me and they always put me in a good mood, which has been hard to do lately.

I like Sci-Fi. Not all sci-fi, but the lame WB-ish sci-fi with cute boys. Okay, cute boys with no belly buttons. I spent all day yesterday watching the Kyle XY marathon. I walked on the treadmill for like 5 episodes, so it’s not as sluggish as it sounds. Despite the cheesy writing, the MySpace marketing and the shaaaaaaaameful Sour Patch Extreme product placement, I got really into it. I know. Sad.*


So this weekend was kind of weird. Friday I ran nine miles without stopping, which is not something I think that I can repeat, nor do I think I should. I accidentally fell in the zone. It took about two hours to get out of it and now I have a blister on my pinkie toe. And it did weird things to my brain. That’s okay; I need all the endorphins I can get.

Saturday was… well hell, it was like my birthday! I started out the day at Best Buy with J. I bought Big Love on DVD. Then after lunch I went home and sorted the mail, and I got so many presents for absolutely no reason. Books, CDs, DVDs… all from boys. Boys in far-away lands. I felt like Baby Jesus. I mean, what is going on? Irregardless, props and thanks are due:

J, who secretly grabbed “Team Boo” by Mates of State after I confessed that I liked them, and surprised me with it in the car. I thanked him by forcing him into a duet of “Fluke”.

TSGoC told me that he was sending me a movie, and I thought he was just dubbing his brother’s film for me. But no – he surprised me with this film called daisies – a 1960’s Czech New Wave film that was actually banned for a little while. I have no idea what’s going to happen when I watch this, but I can’t wait. TSGoC is the guy who turned me on to Love, Kraftwerk and Rambo: First Blood, so I know it’s going to be good. Thank you TSCoC!

Davy Rothbart, the founder of Found Magazine, sent me his book and a collection of his stories of This American Life on CD – plus a postcard from “Mr. Big” himself. He sent me a friend request for Found a while ago, and won me over by singing “To Be With You” in an email. I sent him a compliment on his new story the other day, and he said he wanted to send me more stories. And man, he has great stories. That was so nice of him. Thank you Davy!

Later that night at the Tap Room, Dan bought me an insane amount of Hefeweizen beers with lemon wedges. Thank yoooooou, Dan!

And finally, Josh surprised me with “New Sense” by Grace Basement, which was insanely sweet of him. I’m listening to it right now. Plus he gave me hugs and compliments galore, which is better than stuff, always. Thank you so much, Josh!


So yeah, Grace Basement had their CD release party at the Tap Room and it was a lot of fun. I saw a bunch of old friends (including superduperfun Erin!), the music was great, and we sat by the Indiana Jones pinball machine, which is worth noting in my world. I mainly hung out with Dan and Erin all night and it was a total blast.

Kevin Buckley, who writes all Grace Basement’s songs and performed pretty much everything on New Sense, was incredible. Like I said before, I think Kevin is absolutely brilliant. I’m still too chicken to say it to his face, but whatever. He is. Music Mike was great on the drums and it was awesome to see him, too.

Seriously, I have so much great stuff to read, watch and listen to… when am I going to find time to write? Maybe I’ll let my brain simmer on all this stuff for a week or two, and see what it turns into.

* It did kind of make me hungry for Sour Patch Kids, though.


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4 responses to ““It’s like… if you’re nice to them, they bring you things?” (revisited)

  1. RØB

    What is wrong with CONNECTICUT!?

  2. Hahaha check out the new kid! Oh, RØB.

    Once upon a time, a boy told me he wanted to move here and marry me. Then he dumped me to “work on his celebrity status” with his band… in Connecticut. You have not heard of this band.

    Many early Shortcake entries were dedicated to dissing Connecticut. I’ve since deleted most of them but out of the 50 states, it’s still my least favorite.

  3. RØB

    Ouch, it’s like one of my FAVORITES and I have never even been there! But for a long time Mustardfish claimed (for no real reason) it was from Danbury, Connecticut, as mentioned at the link provided with this thing. MARK TWAIN, BABY!

    Anyway can we still be FRIENDS!?

  4. Barf, I guess.

    Just kidding; we are totally friends! Though I like to tell people that Connecticut killed Mark Twain. S’true.

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