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Just So You Know

First things first: Damn, Ron Weasley! And I do mean daaaaaaaamn.

Between Harry Potter and Transformers, this is turning into the Summer of High School Boys. Seriously, what is up with me? This can’t become a habit.

Jen, Ron and I saw Harry Potter this weekend IN 3-D and it was delightful, despite the sad ending and not enough Rupert Grint. Honestly, I love all of those Weasley boys (except for Percy, obviously). I seriously forgot about everything that happens in that book. I read it while in Connecticut, which should tell you how long ago that was. Jen had to tell me about all the parts that were cut out.

Book 7 is coming. Brace yourselves…


I am eating nectarines and texting a cute boy. Can you tell that I am smiling?


So I told you I was going to that shrink to help with my sleeping? Well, I went today and I couldn’t complain about anything; I was that happy. She gave me a blank appointment card, which means I “graduated”. I am still not sleeping, but that’s to be expected.


For three days, I seriously thought our apartment cat had been kidnapped by a train hobo.

Good news: the cat is back. Bad news: I think the train hobo is actually my new neighbor.

Ordinarily I would never refer to a transient resident as a “train hobo”, but it’s better than “bitch”, which is what she is.


So this is how stressful my job is right now: I have a pack of cigarettes in my desk drawer. I don’t want to smoke at the bar or when I’m driving or whatever. Just at work.

This has made me pretty laid-back on the job despite the chaos. Also: sometimes in the morning, I think about the cigarettes and I’m like, “YAY, I get to go to work!!!”


I forgot how much fun it is to have money. I am having fun. Money means I get to buy books like these:

and do things like this:


I am in the midst of planning another Redneck Rendezvous, which is one of my all-time favorite activities.

See kids, the Midwest is not like New England, where you can drive though four states in four hours. We have make it all the way through Kansas or Illinois before we can get anywhere interesting, and those trips are both unbelievably exhausting.

So when I want to see friends who are more than a state away, we both start driving towards each other’s respective cities. Then we meet in the middle… which is usually the middle of nowhere. Hence, the Redneck Rendezvous. I am so psyched!


And finally, just cuz I can:

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