Guess What, Kids

Mommy’s got her first gray hair:

I’m keeping it for now. I still get carded for cigarettes, so it’s like a novelty. For now.


I want to throw out a big huge CONGRATS to my Sludgie boss Francis and my second-favorite blogger Stee for their success with the web series God, Inc.

Stee explains the good news here. His wife, btw, is my favorite blogger.

Here’s a super cute post Francis made a while ago explaining God, Inc. and all of the work they were doing:

All that hard work paid off, though. Way to go, guys!


I finished Harry Potter yesterday. I also started it yesterday. My butt is still asleep.

I won’t give away anything about the ending. There were crushingly sad parts and adorably lovely parts. That’s all you get.

Last night at 11:30, I had 15 pages to go – that’s fifteen, one-five – and my roommate came home from the bar and attacked me, desperately wanting to talk about girls and relationships for two hours. Fifteen pages. Two hours.

“Noooo!” He moaned, as I tried to pretend-listen and keep reading, “Listen to meeeeee! This is impooooortant! What should I doooooo?”

Because of the good moral lessons I had been absorbing from Harry all day, I obliged. And I love my roommate. But still, he’s lucky I left my wand in my car.


So here’s a question. Why does my On Demand movie menu:

… have a category just for Matt Damon?

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