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A Lose-Win Situation

I have lost approximately 15% of myself.

Fortunately for me, it’s the part of myself that was sad all of the time, scared of people, and liked to eat food with names like “Gordita”. It’s the part that kept me hostage in my apartment for a year, the part that made me write sad blogs, and the part that made me miss people I shouldn’t miss anymore.

I still want to lose 10% more of myself. Hopefully it will be the part that procrastinates, the part that reads Perez Hilton every hour, the part that watches “Rock of Love” and the part that is still madly, desperately in love with cigarettes.

Yes, I know I’m supposed to love myself. But honestly, some of me seriously had to go and I am enjoying cleaning house. After all, only 85% of me can fit into size 6 pants.


This month, Shortcake had more hits than ever. In fact, 10% of my total hits are from this month alone, and I’ve had this silly thing for three years.

Therefore, 85% of my newfound confidence is from you guys – people like Francis, RØB, Heather, Ryan, and everyone else who has encouraged me to keep it up. I’ve been trying to make you guys smile, and somehow in the process I started smiling again, too. It’s really humbling, and it makes me want to write new stories and try new things in general. Thank you so much. Honestly.

(The other 15% came strictly from Josh Arnold.)

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