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Roll Call

I’m breaking my rules about Things I Shouldn’t Blog About, because nothing else is really going on. I’m trying to save money, calories and brain cells, so I’ve spent a lot of time at home or in the park. And since I’m about to write about personal stuff, I want to know who I’m telling it to.

I do this at least once a year, and only a few faithful souls ever comment. But seriously! You’re so nice to read about my life, and I’m interested in yours, too. Who are YOU?

You don’t have to leave your actual name – in fact, it would be fun if you just hinted at how you know me. Or if you don’t want me to know who you are, make up a name. Be your alter-ego. Tell me a story. Tell me something interesting about you.

So here we go… ROLL CALL! Anybody?

“Here,” chirped the crickets.

In the past few days, I have seen 2 hot air balloons, 4 giant butterflies, a shooting star, a dead possum and a big orange harvest moon. It’s been a good week.

I talked to someone that I haven’t spoken to in 2 years. It was shockingly anti-climactic. We had an unspoken rule to not discuss why we stopped talking. Instead, we caught each other up on our families, friends, life and our mutual love of running. Afterwards I did not cry or get emotional, which is a feat in itself. Closure? A new beginning? Same difference?

I am trying to remain attractively impervious about the whole thing. I think it’s working as much as can be expected. I have my sights set on others in the future, and in the meantime I’m cool with being alone and finishing up the goals I set at the beginning of The Year of Awesome.

I’ve been dealing with some health stuff that I can’t really explain, but it seems to be working. Maybe someday I’ll write about it, but not now. Just know that if I seem down or if I want to stay in, I have a legitimate reason. And if I seem happy, it’s because things are okay with that situation for the moment. It’s one of those problems that branches out and determines how I feel about life in general. Those are the worst kinds of problems, so I’ve decided to attack it head on.

It isn’t weight, although I am still attacking that too, and no offense but it’s so sweet to not be fat on top of everything else. My body has finally adjusted to sitting down all day. The brain not so much, but the body is cool with it. I’ve lost 35 pounds and I want to lose 15 more. I’m finally confident that I can.

Stop me if this entry is getting too sexy. I know how turned on you get when I reminisce about being a lonely bigfatfatty*.

I have four dates from now until December, with four boys who all live far away. Of course. Of course they do. My last two long relationships were long distance, and I liked having things like that on my calendar to look forward to. This will be interesting.

I’ve been laughing out loud a lot (not “LOLing” for chreest’s sake but actually laughing). I never used to do this even though my friends are pretty hilarious. I laugh out loud at least once a day. It’s a nice change.

I have finally found some awesome tofu recipes, rewatched one of my favorite moves ever (Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit), and I’ve been taking an active interest in Cryptozoology. I’m trying to pay more attention to things that catch my eye and channel that energy as much as possible. It’s been pretty rewarding so far, aside from that thing about The Real World.

Current Interest: You. Roll call.

*Keep in mind that I am only 5’2, so 90 percent of the girls I know could (and possibly do) wear that weight and still look amazing and proportionate. I just looked lumpy and embarrassed.


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At my school in London, there was a giant dormitory with about 200 rooms. That was not where I lived. I lived in the overflow dorms – a tiny, top-secret haven called Oliver Hall.

To find Oliver Hall, you had to either go through the kitchen entrance with all of the cooks, or cut through the School of Psychotherapy – a long, often pitch-black hallway of classrooms that eventually became the hot gambling and/or make-out spot. Most kids in the dorms had no idea how to get to Oliver.

There were only 12 rooms in Oliver, so the 24 of us – even the ones who hated each other – because a close, tight-knit family. Some of my best friends are people I met in Oliver. Jen was there. So were Steve, Frank and Ray. So were a lot of people we adored, like Eva, Macie, Kacy and Antionette.

There was also a guy who… oh, man. I don’t even know how to go about this. I don’t want to type his name… let’s just call him Nosferatu. Jen named him Nosferatu because that’s exactly how he skulked around, clawing at thin air like an old silent movie vampire:

I don’t really know how to describe him without being mean. He was nice to me most of the time, but there was something just kind of off about him, and he would often unintentionally freak us out.

Example: during a big party at the school pub, he squeezed into our booth to say hello just as someone put “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the jukebox. He completely spazzed out, singing along with so much excitement that he looked like he was having a seizure, and elbowed me in the chin during the guitar solo.

Or: in Paris, when we were out to dinner with a big group of students. Within 30 seconds of getting our plates, I looked up and saw Nosferatu clutching a knife and fork, smiling at me, with a perfectly intact and perfectly stripped fish skeleton sitting in the center of his plate where his food had just been.

I think the description that best sums him up came from that guy that I dubbed “Viper”, because he looked like DJ’s rocker boyfriend on Full House. One day in the refectory, Nosferatu walked by and Viper remarked, “Man, all he is missing is the scar from the lobotomy.”

Nosferatu befriended the popular kids in London, and soon ditched us to sit in the back of the bus or go to the posh expensive clubs. We would often joke about how he was too cool for us now. It made us feel better about laughing at his mysterious, chilling antics.

One of the last nights in London, however, I was hanging out with Steve and Ray in their room at the end of the hall (affectionately referred to as “The Opium Den”). Steve left to go make a phone call, and Ray and I both picked up magazines and started reading, because we were the kind of friends who could do that.

After a couple of minutes, we heard a light, gentle tap on the door. Then, “HEY GUYS!”

Ray and I jumped, and saw Nosferatu heading into the room with a shoebox. “My mom made sugar cookies. Do you want one?”

He opened the box and flashed the cookies at me. They had icing and looked perfect, like they were from a bakery. I nodded.

This is why I can’t make fun of Nosferatu without feeling bad: to this day, that is the most delicious cookie I have ever eaten in my entire life. Words cannot describe it. Food from home was like gold in the dorms, and it was extremely rare for people to share their stash. And these were Mom Cookies. I was really touched, so when he made himself at home and sat down across from me, I didn’t mind.

“I’m going to miss you guys,” he said.

“I’m going to miss you too, [Nosferatu],” I slurred, still drunk with love from the cookie.

“I mean, we’re in LONDON. And you guys… you’re my NEIGHBORS. That’s special, right? We’re neighbors. Neighbors in London. That is such an important thing.”

I nodded. Ray grunted and turned a page.

“We’re always going to have this bond, you know?” Nosferatu continued. “And when we see each other in a couple of years, in heaven…”

I don’t remember what he said next because out of the corner of my eye, I saw Steve walking in the room. He froze mid-stride, looked at me with wide eyes and mouthed, “In HEAVEN?!?” Then he spun around and left immediately, before anyone else could see him.

Then Nosferatu stood up and began walking towards me – yes, like this:

And he was sing-songing, “Good neighbor. You’re such a good neighbor…” And he gave me a big hug and a wet kiss on the cheek. Then he left.

By this point, Ray was curled up in the fetal position on his bed, so he couldn’t see the hug. As soon as Nosferatu turned the corner, Ray peered out from behind his bed and whispered, “Are you okay?”

“I think so.”

“I saw him coming for you, but for some reason I couldn’t move.”

“That’s okay. I couldn’t, either.”

“I’ve never been frozen with fear before. Interesting.”


“You just got hot action from [Nosferatu].”

“Shut up.”

The we heard footsteps running down the hall, and Steve burst in the room and gasped, “IN HEAVEN???”

I am going to Jersey next month to see those boys and I’m so psyched. I doubt we will run into Nosferatu, and if we don’t then that’s okay. Nosferatu and I will meet again.

In a couple of years.

In heaven. Holy crap!


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Putting My Master’s Degree To Good Use

I always get a little pissed when MTV features a band that I really like during their commercial breaks. I have liked Rodrigo y Gabriella for a couple of years now, and now everyone is going to think that I learned about them from watching The Hills as opposed to Pig Radio.

Not that I, um, watch The Hills. Nope, not me. Not this girl. I have standards. Um…

Okay, I’m lying. I totally watch it and I have no idea why. It’s so contrived and set-up and every “spontaneous conversation” insults my intelligence. Those kids read the teleprompter like the cast of Dragnet. But Justin-Bobby? Whitney’s nonchalant “WTF”? The return of Lo? Spencer’s “I surprised you with a beautiful mural”? Heeeee.

I used to defend my guilty pleasures with a passion. Like, The Real World used to be a show about different people interacting and learning from each other and growing. I loved it from Season 1 to Season 10. Then they went to Chicago, and even with 9/11 it was still the dumbest, lamest, most boring season I’ve ever seen. Then they went to Vegas and, well, we all know what happened next.

Season 3 was my favorite because the cast was so diverse, not just in terms of race, religion and political beliefs, but their career choices and the way they approached conflicts, conversations, and trying new things. Do they have that season out on DVD? I would totally buy Season 3 on DVD.

Making the kids work together was one of the changes that killed that show. Because what made the show great was the fact that you learned about each individual person, so by the time two roommates got in a fight, you could understand where they were each coming from and what they were misunderstanding about each other. In Season 3, you’d watch Pam at Med school, Mohammed with his band, Judd drawing comics, Pedro teaching people about AIDS, Rachael at a Young Republicans convention, Jo climbing mountains, Puck riding his bike around, and Cory… doing whatever Cory did. It was fun to plop a bunch of people in the same city and watch them run off in different directions, and even more fun to watch those careers affect their lives and interactions at home.

Another thing that killed the show was the night-vision cameras, see-through shower doors and microphones in the headboards. TMI, Real World, TMI. I think the episode that started this was in Season 5 (Miami), when Mike, Melissa and that waitress all ended up in the shower. That was probably the best episode ever, but it had nothing to do with watching people make out or “controversial” threesomes or whatever.

That episode was awesome because Dan, Flora and Sarah (who were all hilarious people in general) were standing outside the shower door the whole time, trying (like the audience) to figure out what was going on in the shower. Sarah was gasping and laughing her ass off. Dan kept making awesome, “omigodomigod” faces. Flora tried to climb through the little shower window and ended up breaking it. It was hilarious and awesome because that’s the real world. In the real world, when your roommate gets drunk and does something insane like that, you’re (hopefully) not in the shower with them. You’re standing outside, laughing at them and throwing out theories and dishing about it the next morning. That’s what makes it funny. There’s nothing funny, sexy or remotely entertaining about watching a blob of sheets moving around while two jerks dry hump underneath it.

Another episode that killed The Real World was in Season 3, when Rachael and Jo bought a bottle of wine and got wasted. They kind of danced around the living room, shrieking and pouncing on their roommates, while everyone else sat around and made fun of them. And that was such a fun episode. You know why? Because it was rare. In real life, hopefully, getting that drunk happens once in a blue moon, and you get all goofy and giggly and everyone teases you because you’re normally responsible and intelligent but for once, you’re “letting loose”. That’s what makes it funny, and that’s what makes it fun to watch.

Everybody liked the drunk episode. That’s what got ratings. That’s why producers started supplying cast members with alcohol. And now, that’s all the kids are putting out there. The Real World has basically become a show about what happens when people stop wearing clothes and start binge drinking. That’s it. It’s disappointing and boring and gross and sad.

However, I actually have high hopes for the latest Real World. First of all, there’s a kid named Cohutta who is from, like, Appalachia or something. He has the most kick-ass accent I’ve ever heard, and he’s totally one-of-a-kind. It’s fun to watch everything he does because his outlook is totally unique. He’s the kind of person that they used to pick all of the time, as opposed to gorgeous nondescript alcoholics.

Then, there is this girl named Parisa. She hates the girly-girls and they hate her. She’s smart and she behaves like a normal person. She has a unique perspective in the house because she’s the only Muslim, a child of immigrants, and basically is not retarded. And every time I roll my eyes at the other roommates, the camera cuts to her rolling her eyes, too. She’s like the embodiment of the home viewing audience and all great roommates of the past, all rolled into one.

On the other hand, there is Kerry-Ann or whatever the eff her name is, who represents the worst aspects of the new Real World (“Why do they hate you?” “Because I’m cute?”). Watching her interact with Parisa is super fun, in an uber-meta “I have no life” kind of way.

So… that’s my defense for watching the latest Real World. But I have no excuse for watching The Hills. You know this. I know this. This does not benefit my life in any way. I’m disappointed in myself and I’m sure this entry has disappointed all of you.

So, um, in other news, there are a bunch of cool events in the next two weeks, but I’ll blog about it tomorrowish. My friends should not be name-dropped in a blog about The Hills; I respect them too much.

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I Come From Good Stock

Today is my dad’s birthday. I have a surprise present for him next week, but what he really wanted was the sheet music for “Gimme Shelter”. So, I dropped it off this morning.

He held it up, just kind of oohing and ahhing all silly-like, and my Grandma showed up.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Stephie got me the sheet music to ‘Gimme Shelter’,” Dad said, shuffling through the different pages. “Wanna see it?”

My Grandma nodded, and my dad picked up a page and handed it to her. He handed her page 4, which starts out like this:

RAPE! MUR-DER! Happy birthday, Daddy.


This picture was drawn entirely with Crayola Crayons:

This is the kind of stuff my mother e-mails me daily.

I used to hate these e-mails, but now they’ve circled all the way around to being awesome again. I read them diligently. I’ll even give a good hearty laugh. Hell, the picture at the top of my blog is from a Mom E-Mail. I love her.


The Neutrogena face wash that I use smells EXACTLY like my grandparent’s old condo, the one by Kevin’s house. It doesn’t smell like old people – it smells more like suntan lotion and ceramics.

So every single day for at least 30 seconds, I feel just like I’m five years old – on my way to the swimming pool with my two favorite people in the world. It’s magical.


A new Sludgie is up. Also, I’m sending out special high-fives for Captain Raoul, Jaime, Jen’s co-workers, and Francis’ friend Emily (who I have heard is super-cool).


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Check Out These Hotties!

Josh, Mikey and a few others are teaming up for Clap for Joan – a kick-ass comedy outfit that performs every Wednesday at Harry’s Bar and Grill. Be there. 10:00. That’s where I’ll be.

You already know how funny Josh and Mikey are. I’ve seen Jeff and Joe’s sets before – they are both hysterical. But the kid I’m most psyched about is Mark Feigenbutz – his stuff is really original and awesome, and he’s secretly my favorite local comedian (he’s also the cutest – suits will do that to a girl). Don’t tell Josh.


I often get “tagged” on Myspace, which means I have to write 10 random facts about myself. I got tagged again and you know what? I am running out of good ones.

However, I really liked the first 20 facts that I wrote, so I’m reposting them here. I have a new roommate and I’ve switched around my top friends, but most of these still apply:

1. All I have eaten for the past 2 weeks are Hot Pockets and Pink Lady Apples.

2. I tell everyone that my favorite song is “Rudie Can’t Fail” by the Clash, but my actual favorite song is “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins.

3. I have a crush on the adorable hippy “sandwich artists” at my local Subway, especially the one who always gives me “a hot cookie for a hot cookie”.

4. My insomnia was so bad in high school that I had permission to take naps in the nurses office during class. I also skipped school for a week in the 4th grade and got away with it

5. I have a double uvula, and I’ve only met one other person who has one. I also have a chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead and I always forget it’s there.

6. I started reading John Mayer’s blog and now I am in love with John Mayer. This is probably the dirtiest secret I have.

7. Out of all my friends from high school, Warren and I are the only two who have never been arrested. We also scored the highest on our ACTs. I’m just saying.

8. I was born with blond hair and blue eyes. When I was a toddler, I wanted to look like my pretty mom, so I wished for brown hair and green eyes. My wish came true within the next year; for a while I assumed that was how life worked.

9. I just asked my roommate for a random fact, and he said I make cute noises when I sleep. Fact #9: my roommate watches me sleep.

10. According to Steve and Frank, the outgoing message on my phone sounds like I’m “hanging out with Care Bears and happy faces.”

11. My roommate runs around my apartment all day in under-armor, and then he makes me dinner. I have a Cabana Boy. ‘Bout time!

12. I have won “Egyptian Rat Screw” in five countries and eight states. I am also the current “Simon Says” champion of Belize and Guatemala.

13. I once jumped off of a bridge onto a moving train and rode it to Illinois. Then my boyfriend’s mom had to pick us up and she was PISSED.

14. My best friend and I got our eyebrows pierced in Florida in a room full of sailors. Two years later I went to a party and I was so bored that I took it out, just to see if anyone would notice.

15. I punched a girl in the face “for being a bully” when I was 16, and my hand hurt so much that I cried about it later.

16. I spent a week in a house on Abbey Road with a boy who learned how to say “You have beautiful eyes” in over 30 languages… just for me.

17. I can say all the books of the Bible in 23 seconds.

18. I’m adopted and I have a sheet of paper that tells me about my birth parents. All of their hobbies are things that I am naturally good at or things I’ve always liked. I discovered the list when I was 14. I also discovered that I’m Dutch and I will not be growing any taller.

19. When my roommate chews tobacco, I gag and run around the apartment screaming “VOMIT!!”, but then he’ll fart 20 times and I won’t even flinch.

20. I have been kissed by 30% of my “Top Friends”.


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Champs and Chumps V: Stayin’ Alive

“It doesn’t get any better than this.”

“Aw. That’s nice of you to say.”

“No, I mean I think my car just ran out of Freon.”

Me and Pandy, 10 minutes into a 40 minute drive

Time for another Champs and Chumps! You ready?


Francis: Because first of all, he’s getting married tomorrow – congratulations, you two! Second: he made this super cool movie a few years ago, Harold Buttleman. Some of the stars include John Hawkes (Deadwood), Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson) and Stee (God, Inc.). You can find the whole movie youtubed here, but if you sign up at, he’ll get $1 towards the budget of the movie. Click the widget on the side of my blog; it’s fast and easy. Think of it as a wedding present. And watch his movie!

Clark and Michael: Holy crap, have you guys seen this? Michael Cera (Superbad, Arrested Development) and his buddy Clark (Greek) are making webisodes about working in “the biz”. They are hysterical. I am officially in love with Michael, bringing my Summer of High School Boys crush tally to an even 3. Yikes.

Tofu: I worked in a health food store for over a year and I never touched the stuff. It just ooked me out the way it floated in water, you know? But like all other food I’ve been afraid to try, someone snuck it into a dish a few months ago, and I accidentally ate it and it was delicious, and now I crave all tofu all of the time. If anybody (Coire) knows of a website with good recipes, let me know.

YAZ!: I have to type this with all caps because it’s fun to say. I like to make jazz hands when I say it. But gals, those YAZ! commercials really are legit. I have not cried in like three months – about anything – and I believe it is mainly because of YAZ! I watched EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER without crying, that’s how much it works.

Josh: He took me to the new stadium last night. I’ve never been there – I think it’s great. Even greater was the fact that we partied in the room, so there were about 8 giant TVs in there, along with hella free food and beer. People kept stopping by our window to gaze longingly into the room, like we were puppies at a pet store. Josh and I decided that we should be rolling around in newspaper, chewing on squeaky toys, and one of us should be perpetually sleeping. Josh kept talking to the little kids like they were old college buddies, and the kids were eating it up. Watching Josh with kids makes me want to make a baby with him. It was a good night and the Cards won – I even saw a home run!

Pink Shorts: The downside to having an apartment full of windows is the heat in the summer. It’s basically excruciating, which is why I refuse to wear pants in my apartment. I have a pair of pink terry cloth shorts that I love so much and I immediately put them on when I get home from work. Jason gleefully yells, “Pink shorts time!” at least once a day. So comfy.

Cupcakes: I am having so much fun with cupcakes, even though I don’t really eat them anymore. I can’t stop making them for people, which is such a stupid trendy thing to type, but it’s true. When we watch The Sandlot in a few weeks, I am making – wait for it – S’mores Cupcakes. Just you wait.

My Grandma: She’s giving me her American Airlines miles, which means I can fly to JERSEY next month, and possibly even Ann Arbor and L.A, too. Do you know how long it’s been since I took a trip? Do you know how many friends I’ve been dying to see? I’m so psyched.

Glarkware: I’ve been buying Glarkware for a while (“Go Pirates!” hoodie, anyone?), but the latest two shirts really make me laugh. I got an Office-themed shirt:

And this one, which is hands-down my favorite shirt of all time:

This site is packed full of hysterical shirts, but they also do limited editions based on TV shows, like the “Always Bring Backup” hoodie I bought, too. Go check it out.

Cameraphones: Because now you can all laugh with me:


Lack of Chumps: I don’t really have much to complain about. Even the heat isn’t getting to me as much as it was last year. Usually the Chumps section is better than the Champs section, but yeah… I don’t have much to bitch about right now. And now that I think about it, this whole paragraph should probably be in the Champs section, too.

Smoking: So gross and so stinky, yet so cool and so delicious. I got away with smoking at work for a month, but now I’m back to smoking in my car and at the bar. It’s not nearly as bad as it used to be, which is nice, but still unhealthy and sad. I’ve decided to quit again after I’ve lost that extra 10% of myself.

Free Nachos: Because how the hell am I supposed to lose 10% of myself when there’s free nachos all up in my face?

Cramps: I know, ew. But I’m short on chumps, and they’re bad enough today that I need to reproach them publicly. Girls are probably with me on this. Guys, this is what a cramp feels like: take the worst charleyhorse you’ve ever had, and stick it somewhere in between your belly button and your ass. That’s called “becoming a woman”. Be glad you are not one.

Lost: Because I listened to their podcast yesterday, and it made me remember how much it rocks, and it made me realize how long we have to wait for new ones. Boooo! Bring it back now!!!

Broken Toilet Tanks: Last weekend our toilet broke. It flushed, but we had to fill up the tank ourselves. Do you know how much water it takes to flush a toilet? It took us eight salad bowls – that’s the big salad bowl that fits over my head times 8 – to flush our toilet all weekend. The worst part? I wouldn’t have to pee until I heard my roommate pour water for like an hour, and then we’d have to start the process all over again. I plan on researching and writing a Sludgie about how to save water in the toilet. It was quite the unpleasant revelation.

Me: Because somewhere in this entry, I used YouTube as a verb. That’s almost as shameful as “he myspaced me”.

Jason: Because he keeps stocking our refrigerator with exotic cheeses, and even worse, he makes me taste test all of them. Really, he forces me to. He drags me into the kitchen and waves it in my face, all sweet and generous and shit. It’s torture. Cheese is my kryptonite, especially that $15-per-pound block of cheddar that’s literally 20 feet away from me now, that I can’t eat. I take back what I said about YAZ! This cheese might really make me cry.

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And It Makes Me Smile All Around, All Around

“And then his sweat hit me, and then I cried.”

– My 10th grade English teacher, Miss Barker,
recalling the time she touched Joe Perry’s leg


I saw the Polyphonic Spree!!!!

I have been in love with this band since forever. Moyno took me to see them at the Pageant on Saturday night and they were unbelievable. We were sitting, like, 10 yards away from them and they were all dancing and smiling and basically freaking out along with the audience.

While they were setting up, they had a big red sheet draped across the stage. Tim DeLaughter cut out a big heart with scissors and jumped out of it. He’s so beatific all of the time, and you can’t help but smile just by looking at him.

They covered us in confetti TWICE during the FIRST SONG, which pretty much set the tone for the whole evening.

The first part was mostly new songs, and they were wearing their new Fragile Army uniforms – which are cool in a way but it’s a whole different vibe than what I’m used to.

They “left” after a half hour, changed into their white robes, and surprised us by coming around back and walking through the crowd – all 900 of them. Then they sang Lithium and Soldier Girl. This is my new favorite concert moment ever.*

Tim’s little son was onstage for the second part. He was wearing a mask like Prince Michael Jackson and beating a marching band drum. Tim kept passing him the mic in between songs. It was adorable.

I counted four other confetti blasts, but there may have been more. It was pure delirium after a while.

The two drummers had a drum-off, the keyboard player and harpist had pretty solos, and the choir did Pantene hair-flippy dance moves. I pointed at the hot trumpet player and he waved at me.

The Polyphonic Spree is so ridiculously happy all of the time. They just make me high on life. I love them. Best show ever.

Oh and then! I was at the merch booth, and Tim DeLaughter popped out of the door right next to me! And he signed my program!

And then he bit it!!! I have Tim DeLaughter’s teethmarks on my wall!!

He was all sweaty and smiley and I gave him one of those “you’re so cute and awesome that I’m scared to touch you” half-hugs. Le sigh.

Moyno is the only person I know who likes them as much as I do, and we happened to discover this like the day before the show. So hooray for Moyno!


This weekend was full of happy stuff. Friday night I had about 10 people over to watch Hot Fuzz and it was super fun. Sometimes it’s weird to mix my friends, but they all seemed to like each other. It was the first gathering at the new place and I wanted to do something special, so I made cupcakes with blue icing and badges:

On Sunday I took the leftovers to Twin Peaks Club, and Charles called them “Copcakes”, which is adorable.

Warren and Sarah had an awesome idea to watch The Sandlot next. I don’t know how we’ll make s’mores in my apartment but I’m working on it.

I got asked on a date during another date. What universe am I in and how do I stay here forever?

Speaking of universe, I watched Firefly and Serenity and I am in love. Would anybody be down for a Firefly Club?

Oh, I also got a haircut from Ricky, the only person in the world who loves that movie The Faculty as much as I do. I don’t know what he does to me while we’re gossiping, but I end up having perfect Asian-girl hair for like a week and a half after I visit him.

I am super super happy. Finally.

*My second favorite concert moment was at the Beastie Boy’s Hello Nasty Tour. They were doing “Intergalactic” and Adrock yelled out that line, “LET THE BEAT DRRRRRROP!” All the lights went out and it was pitch black, then they launched into “Sabotage” with strobe lights flashing and the entire place went apeshit.

My third favorite moment was when I was 15 – back when I was totally crushing on Mark and Travis. We all went to the Smashing Pumpkins show. During “Tonight, Tonight” everyone in the audience put their arms around each other and swayed back and forth, so they both put their arms around me and I almost died twice.


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