Pilgrims vs. Indians

This was and always will be the best Thanksgiving ever.

2001. London, England. The 75th Annual Thanksgiving Ultimate Frisbee Extravaganza.

Nelson was captain of The Indians and tried to pick all of the girls for his team. We threw the frisbee over the bushes, and then we threw Nelson over the bushes to get it.

After we washed off all of the mud, we had British cafeteria food. Here is a completely candid and not at all planned picture of Frank:

And here is the beautiful Macie, Kevin, Michelle, and me with long hair!

At some point Kevin took a nap. Check out my roommate Kacy’s Musical Theater Bingo:

I love that I talk to at least one person in this picture every day. Out of everything I’m thankful for, I’m especially thankful that I met them. These are people who completely changed my life for the better. They are friends for life and I’ll love them forever.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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4 responses to “Pilgrims vs. Indians

  1. Steve

    Couldn’t agree more. BEST. THANKSGIVING. EVER. Six years ago…crazy.

  2. Frank

    I also agree, best Thanksgiving ever. I have to give a nod to Nelson for picking his team on his desire to get laid instead of trying to destroy his opponent. Our triumph made my meal taste that much better.

  3. Kevin

    That was the best Thanksgiving. My highschool chums always play a little bit of tackle football on thanksgiving and that was my first year without them, so the fact we went out and played a sport with a bunch of people was a great thing. Me likey seeing lots of Kevin photos by the way. And did I mention? …. I’m engaged.

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