Blind Date Update

Jessca sent me a text about halfway through.

“HOW IS IT GOING??” She capsed.

I didn’t check my phone until he was in the bathroom, so I only had time for this:

Later she asked, “DRUMMER OR ARIES???”

“Neither!!!” I wrote back.

Her immediate response: “OMG! KEEPER!! OMG!”


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4 responses to “Blind Date Update

  1. Kevin

    just a tease of an update, leaving us wnting some more, im salivating

  2. RØB

    Drummer or Aries? I think you might have to explain that one while you’re busy detailing the date later.

  3. EVERY boy I’ve met since the dating strike has been a drummer or an aries. I won’t go into details about how they bug me, but it’s like clockwork. It’s been an ongoing issue that amuses my friends to no end.

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