I Kiss You On The Brain In The Shadow Of A Train

Today I continued my year-end gyro bender at Magic Market, and some guy in line told me I had pretty eyes. Very loudly. In front of everybody. I looked like THIS.

Last night Iain and I saw Juno. SO CUTE! The reviews were spot on – the dialogue is a bit too quippy, but eventually you get used to it and you have to love it. Michael Cera and Ellen Page are both perfect. They deliver every line flawlessly and they make it seem so natural and effortless. Jason Bateman was adorable as always. Everything that came out of Allison Janney’s mouth made me laugh my ass off.

The scenes I loved the most, however, were the ones with Jennifer Garner. I’m adopted, so all of those parts reminded me of my mom and seriously tugged at my heartstrings. Also, the music is super fun (The Moldy Peaches, anybody?!?!). Alsoalso, Iain drove me there in his dad’s BMW and it was hot sh*t.

I spent most of 2007 looking forward to Wristcutters and I spent the rest of the time anticipating Juno. Well, during the previews I found my 2008 movie: Young @ Heart. Iain waited til he came home to see Juno with me; I may have to fly out to LA to see this with him.


Christmas Eve and Christmas were fun this year. I don’t know why, but once I publicly declared my hatred for Christmas, things started getting good.

We went to my Aunt’s house on Monday. The Illinois side of the family really knows how to party. We drank profusely. I snuck cigarettes with my cousins. I helped my dad with his Scratcher Cards and he won $200. My cousin Tiffy and I went on our first beer run together. We revived the Kid’s Table, which is much more fun now that we’re allowed to cuss. We taught Grandma how to play Wii. Such a blast!

I love my parents and Grandma more than anything, but Christmas Day is kind of exhausting for me. My brother and his wife are in Vegas, so it’s just me and 3 senior citizens. Opening presents honestly takes 2 hours, sometimes 3. It’s sooooo sloooow. The one cool thing is my mom has started videotaping EVERYTHING for my brother, so when I get bored I just mug for the camera:

“We’re in Day Four of opening presents. Grandma has received a pashmina, which should keep her warm. We’re still searching for chocolate or any form of sustenance –“

“Stephanie Carolyn Weir! Get out of the laundry room right now!”

“I’ve started digging a tunnel with my Macy’s gift card, but I don’t know if I will make it out alive. If anyone receives this tape, please send help. And more champagne.”

Oh, that was another fun part: I shot a cork all the way down the driveway and my Grandma let out this hilariously excited “EEEEEEEE!!!” Too cute.


Christmas night I went over to Jen and Ron’s for their annual Christmas party. It’s hard to see all my out-of-towner friends in one week, but I can always count on seeing a few at their house every year. Conor is delightfully fun and gorgeous, as always. Laura is engaged (!!!) and I met her fiancé, Scotty Too Hotty. He seems as nice as Laura (who is the nicest), so that’s good. She was beaming and it was lovely to see.

I also spent some time with Ron’s Catholic school pals, who I actually used to hang out with back in the day. AND I finally met a bunch of cool kids who I have heard so much about over the years – they all moved before I started hanging out with that group of friends. They lived up to their reputations. And then of course, there were the friends I see all of the time but can never get enough of. I love that gang so, so much.

I didn’t have to walk to my car the next morning like last year, but Jen’s snickerdoodles have proven to be the ultimate hangover cure once again. All in all, Christmas was a success. New Years won’t be the same without the Jersey Boys, but I’ll be sure to make the most of it anyway. At least I don’t have to take Highway 40 to work. Haaaa.

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