The Year of Awesome – The Best Year Ever!

Best Week Ever had a contest to determine who had the Best Year Ever. And I WON!

ETA: It’s on the main page! According to Alex Blagg, I’m apparently the “bubbliest human being ever to walk the planet.”

To enter, you had to leave a comment on their Myspace page. And if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s leaving dumb-ass comments on Myspace, right????

Here’s what I wrote:

I had the Best Year Ever because I…

  • helped set a world record for the World’s Largest Thriller Dance
  • got a big sweaty hug from Tim DeLaughter
  • lost 35 pounds the right way (by dancing to Thriller!)
  • converted from P***z to
  • quit smoking (twice!)
  • got to second base (twice!)
  • found the best T-shirt ever:

Last year, I vowed to have The Year of Awesome and I totally exceeded my expectations. I wanted to write a serious recap, but guess what? I partied hard last night like all of you (thanks Nick and Jessica!), and I’m sleepy. And I am sitting in a room full of frat boys who have been watching sports and drinking whiskey since 10:30 in the morning. So… some other time.

Best Year Ever! Wooo!


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7 responses to “The Year of Awesome – The Best Year Ever!

  1. The Captain

    Well played, Stephie, well played.
    Saw Juno on Sunday and I couldn’t agree more, the film is totally boss. Glad you’re digging the discs. Hope your 2008 is as rad as your award winning 2007.

  2. Varsity Basketweaving

    Congrats, Steph!

  3. Kevseoul

    what are you calling 2008? I’m tired of using the gregorian, I want to use the weiryorian from now on.

  4. SecretlyStephie

    Thanks dudes!
    Kev, I’m temporarily calling it “The Year of Awesomer”, but I’m working on a better name. I need to figure out what I want the most this year.

  5. RØB


    2007 managed, in its final days, to go down the shitter even worse than it had in the few months prior to its end. I heard some KDHX DJs rhyme “No more dead weight in ’08″ the other day, I think I might just take that to heart, as reluctant to adopt any resolution-like credo as I am.

  6. Charles

    Awesome! 🙂

    Pretty cool, though I think your big beautiful eyes and the very clever name “Secretly Stephy” probably helped… that and Abe Lincoln fighting Bigfoot.

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