The Year of Yay!

Okay, so I don’t know if 2008 will be called The Year of Yay! I’m still debating what I want 2008 to be. The one thing I really want to do this year is fix my insomnia. But The Year of *Yawn*? That doesn’t sound very fun unless you’re me. But so far there are plenty of things to Yay! about.

Reason #1: My apartment has been invaded by poodles and chihuahuas! Yay!

These little dudes are amazing. I don’t want them to leave, ever. I don’t even care that they climb on my lap during Tetris. Which leads me to…

Reason #2: My roommate got me Tetris Evolution as an early birthday present. YAY! Kevin, you may want to fly home from Korea for this. I will probably write a longer entry about this later because most of my new friends don’t understand my deal with Tetris.

Basically, I’m more awesome at Tetris than you can ever wish to be. Got that? That’s right. And now I can play Tetris on an HD big screen with Kill Bill surfer music and Sunrise Earth-ish videos in the background:

Yes, that’s clouds, fire and a freaking giraffe eating from a tree. Heaven, hell or Africa. There’s videos of the ocean and outer space, too. I can play Tetris ANYWHERE on a screen that’s taller than me! Yay!

Reason #3: My roommate also gave me a bonsai tree for Christmas and this morning it started sprouting! Yay!

Reason #4: I can’t really write about boys, so I can’t tell you how many dates I’ve had or how many boys I’m hanging out with. Let’s just say that I’ve had a date for 50% of 2008, and I’m keeping that ratio until at least Thursday. Some are datedates and some are new friends, and some I’m still deciding. Either way: Yay!

I would do a photo montage, but I’m not an asshole.

Reason #5: Last night Jana and Sara invited me to the Roller Derby and it was kick-ass! It was the Arch Rival Roller Girls vs. the Windy City Rollers. A whole big group of fun people went, including my Thriller pals Adam and Jamie. We ended up sitting on the Chicago side, so Adam went through the program and assigned us all players to root for. I ended up with #6 – Malice With Chains:

I’ll tell you what, if I’m going have any Roller Girl on my side, it’s that one. She was about twice as tall as me. At one point she was the lead jammer and I cheered really loud. She looked over and my friends and I all froze like, “Holy crap, we’re going to die.”

Roller Derby is my kind of sport. I can wear all my pirate clothes, drink Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys and flirt with tons of cute scruffy boys in hoodies. I can also pretend I’m tougher than I actually am. Some girl cut in front of me at the bar and I spotted her later, about to walk past me in a super crowded hallway. So I elbowed her in the boob! I did! Then I ducked into the crowd and ran away before she could beat me up. Yay!

If I was a Roller Girl, my name would be Tropical Suckerpunch. I also came up with Mrs. Head-Buttersworth. So fun.

Reason #6: I forgot to tell you about New Years Eve, but it was delightful. Just lots of my favorite people in a big old house down in the city. Fun stuff included: Mexican Train Dominos, Wii Sports, gardening lessons, Katie’s hotsexy spinach dip, bonding with Jessica over our favorite Bath & Bodyworks scent (Sweet Pea), bonding with Pat over the Clash, phone calls from far-away friends, an abnormally high tolerance for Bud Light, and a sweet midnight kiss from a boy I like a lot. Yay!

Reason #7: Because of the Best Year Ever thing, I got a lot of Myspace messages from a lot of new people. One of them was a guy who does a podcast for Best Week Ever, and I read his blog and now I am in love. It’s called Perpetually Nauseous and you guys should all read it too, especially if you are a fan of Project Runway. I told him that while I got to be on BWE’s main page, finding his blog about Chris March was the true prize. Yay!

Reason #8: Three gyros already! Nam nam nam.

So yeah, I still don’t know what this year will be called (hey, it took me three weeks to come up with The Year of Awesome), but so far 08 is kicking ass. Maybe it’s just The Week of Woo Hoo! I’ll keep working on it.


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3 responses to “The Year of Yay!

  1. Chris

    “So I elbowed her in the boob! I did!”

    I showd this to my roommates and they are laughing their asses off. Please go on a “datedate” with me.

  2. kevseoul

    i got tetris for ds, does your version have the permanent spin feature in which you can spin a piece as long as you want? Has its ups and downs. Your’e going down Weir! Fighting insomnia -huh? I’m fighting anxiety myself so maybe a Mellow Theme… Year of Tranquility? Year of Hippy Love? Year of Scooby Doo Van?

  3. Secretlystephie

    Yeah, I still don’t have a handle on that spin feature but I love it. I just spaz out with it until I like where it is, and my roommate cracks up. (I suggest lorazapam for the anxiety, because you don’t have to take it all the time; just when you need it. That and deep cleansing breaths – those seem to work most of the time for me.)

    Tetris wise though, you are so dead. Bring it.

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