My Stuff, Your Stuff and Nicholas Cage Punching Some B’s

Since we’re all going to be stuck in traffic for the next two years, keep your eyes peeled for this:

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a pro bono team, which is run through the Ad Club’s Rebus group. We’ve been working on this account for a while now, and our billboard (with my headline, holler) is finally up!

The St. Louis County sign is up on 1-55, .5 mile North of Lindbergh Blvd on the West side.

The other two should be up soon, at:

Metro East: 1-55/70/64, .1 mile East of Route 3, South side.
St. Louis City: 1-70 East of Salisbury on the South side.

I did a whole bunch of AAA billboards years ago as an intern, but that really just meant I sat around and thought of words that start with ‘A’. This took a lot of collaboration with young, talented folks in a gorgeous rooftop conference room with a full view of downtown. Serious good times, and I love seeing the final product in place.


Kinoki update: Francis said his wife bought them a while ago and, “the pads really are sort of black when you wake up in the morning – whether it’s toxins or just sweat, I don’t know. I don’t feel less toxic, necessarily.” NICE. I’m definitely getting these. Ron told me he wants to try them, too. Who else is in?

Francis has been working on a new Web series, ERF. Someday when I have nothing to write about (which actually happens, believe it or not), I’ll post his previous series, God, Inc. It was seriously great and I know ERF will be be, too. Here’s the trailer:

Speaking of YouTube greatness, the other night Mike (no, not those Mikes – this Mike) and I were flipping through the channels and we stumbled across The Wicker Man. The original version is trippy and amazing (and I saw it with TSGoC, obviously), but the new version is so bad that it rivals Showgirls in terms of atrocious awesomeness. Either way, it reminded me of this:

I sent this to Darren when I first saw it, and he replied with a touching email: “Aw, how did you know this was my favorite clip on the entire internet?” Darren has a new blog called Here Be Darrens, and I guarantee it’s your new favorite.

There’s tons of other stuff going on but (a) I just woke up at noon, (b) I quit smoking on Thursday and I’m a bitch who needs to run and (c) a lot of it involves boys.

The bad thing about having a blog people actually read is that boys read it, too. The GOOD thing is that you have to call me on the telephone and we can dish the way we used to back in the olden times. I have fun stories to tell, plus a quandary that rivals the great Mark/Travis Dilemma of 1996. So call me, gals! I need giggles and advice!

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