There’s A Happy Face On My Face, Too

First things first – I am calling this now: Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is the new What’s His Butt from The Crow. Every goth kid will be him this Halloween. Hey, I warned you about Akon waaay before he beat up that kid and humped that other kid. EDITED TO SAY: New River Phoenix, also? I absolutely remember where I was when I heard that he died.

Okay, moving on… this entry is long as hell, but there’s dirt so bear with me. Plus… I want to remember all this stuff and it’s my site! Deal.

Friday night, Gage and I made it to both of the art shows. Courtney’s stuff is so playful and fun and it was great to see everything up close. Yay, TPC. Russ’s release party was crazy because there were tons of friends there from so many different places in my life. I mainly split my time between old Webster pals like RØB and Leon (who just got back from China!) and all the comedy/derby friends in the balcony.

MYSTERY ALERT: When I got home I found this fingerpuppet:

…in my purse. Who put it there? It looks Asian so I am guessing Leon. However, Adam and Dave kept threatening to go through my purse while I was in the bathroom. And Gage is sweet enough to hide a present. Who is this from? Thank you to whoever you are.

EDITED TO SAY: Mystery solved! It was Pretty Fun Sara! She is an expert in all things cute, so I should have known!

The bands Bad Folk and The Monads played. The Monads are absolutely one of my new favorites. They are so energetic and silly and fun. During the show, we found a big ball of ticky-tacky. Sara said it felt like “ballsack skin” and I cried laughing. Then I made a teeny tiny snowman and a snail. New artist on the scene! Watch out, Russ and Courtney!

The coolest part about the art show was that Russ gave me the original robot drawing that appears on the cover of Grace Basement’s album, New Sense. I have the art from the cover of my favorite CD on my wall now. THAT IS NUTS. Russ is amazing. Please go to one of these places and get a copy of Jors and Rust – you won’t believe how good Russ is at what he does. FUN FACT: he’s good at being a nice guy, too.


Saturday night, all of the frat boys came into town so we could be there for Adam and his family, and it made me remember how great they all are and how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing group of friends.

I capped off the night with Ty, Peter, Warren and Tony at Ice & Fuel. It’s been years since I sat down and talked one-on-one with Ty and Peter and I don’t know when it will happen again. Ty and Peter used to be the friends I talked to the most. It was so nice to have that feeling back, even if it was just for an hour or so. I needed that.


Last night Blind Date Mike and I went to Blueberry Hill to see White Rabbits and The Walkmen. I got carded at the door and then 3 more times inside, which makes me feel better about turning 27 next week. I’m discovering that Mike has some of the key elements I look for in a boyfriend:

1. He makes me feel safe and cute.
2. He looks scruffy but smells like Bounce. Funky fresh!
3. He is unequivocally tall, which makes me feel dainty.
4. He was Senior Class President! Scholastic achievement is SEXY.

The show was great, especially White Rabbits. They have two drummers! Sometimes three! How can you not dance to that? Mike pointed out that even their slow songs turn into a party eventually, like they just can’t help it. They are new favorites as well. They live in New York but they are hometown boys from Webster Groves!

We left the show around midnight and walked outside to discover the Loop covered in snow. Surprise! We slid across the whole parking lot to get to his truck, running and holding hands so we could glide 10 feet at a time.

I have a presentation today, and the happy face stamp on my hand is still clearly visible. Also, I’m catching up on Lost at Jen and Ron’s tonight with lots of friends. Things are busy and interesting. I have no idea how to end this entry, because the good times are certainly not over. Okay, I’ll end it by admitting that was pretty cheesy and I could use a better title, too.

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