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Faking Out Fate

Don’t ever tell anybody anything.
If you do, you start missing everybody.

– Holden Caulfield

EDITED TO SAY: I KNEW that the second I posted a depressing post, something awesome would happen. I knew it. Fake out fate, my friends, and good things will happen to you.

Josh just sent these:

… to my work. Thank you so much, Josh! The flowers are beautiful and smell good, although the baby monkey concerns me. Does this mean I’m supposed to put out? Oh, and the card is My Little Pony. Haaay! One more surprise like this and I’ll delete the sad stuff. Or – birthday liveblogging? It could be fun, considering the emotional rollercoaster I ride every year. I’ll think about it. Now, back to your regularly scheduled angsty birthday blog that I wrote 10 minutes ago…


My birthday makes me miss:

* Yellow sneakers
* Happy Feet
* Mix tapes
* Bear hugs
* Adventures (finally!) and a
* Best friend

It also makes me miss:

* Stories galore
* Friendly giants
* Egyptian gods
* Songs with my name
* Jello shots
* The TB303 and
* Hiding from the snow

And I also miss:

* Miss Matilda
* Eskimo kisses
* Waking up to fishies
* Cold hardwood floors
* Cakes with 20 names
* and surprises

To top it off, I miss:

* Bartles and James
* Camel lights
* Roundtables on the back porch
* Pretzels and candy
* Juicy gossip and
* my three favorites

I figure if I expect absolutely nothing today, then next year I’ll find something to miss about it. That tends to happen a lot… when you are old. 😥

Here is something incredibly fun that Charles made for me:

He posted this on Geeky Keen with the title “Steph and her French Fiancé Tetreese.” My roommate and I are absolutely swooning over this. It’s center stage on the fridge. Thank you Charles!

Other fun things are happening, and more are on the way. But there’s always an hour or so where I miss those yellow sneakers something awful. I wish it would go away but I think I am kind of stuck with it. Seriously, yellow sneakers are the herpes of my memories.

I will be fine in like 20 minutes, but if you want to speed it up then leave me a joke in the comments. You are funnier than me and I’m proud to know you. Show it off.


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